Thursday, June 07, 2007

zina, internet and malay teenagers

I had a conversation with zarul last night about the current social problem among teenagers in Malaysia; malay Malaysians to be exact. If you search for ‘melayu’ in youtube, don’t be surprised to see the most viewed videos under this tag would be related to sexual stuff done by malay Malaysians. The videos do not really show the exact sexual act but you’ll know what the videos will lead you to.

The main question brought up was, is it really true that malay teenagers were getting more sexual these days because if I remember it right, 5-8 years ago, we don’t really hear about this so frequently. But 5-8 years ago, youtube still doesn’t exits. Cell phones capable of capturing videos with sounds was still a brain-storming idea. Blogging is not common and the government was able to put censorship on EVERTHING.

If some random dude fucks some random chick 5-8 years ago, it's quite hard to prove this act had happened. What I’m trying to say here is, if one guy fucks his girlfriend(s) and tried to boast his raunchy experience to his friends, he can only pass the story with his words and his words only. Nowadays, a guy can fuck his (or anyone else’s) girlfriend(s) while recording the video with his cell phone, edit it with simplified video editors like ulead video studio, and distribute it to the whole world faster than you can hold your cum. and the government can do NOTHING to stop that. err... wait a minute... why would we even care if a malay couple is fucking outside marriage or not in the first place? ahh.. it's because malaysia calls herself an islamic country. fair enough.

What has really changed is that these facts and real stories about the reality of a small group of sexually active ordinary malay Malaysian teenagers had found a way to reveal itself from the veils that the government has put over them from the founding moment of this developing nation, into the borderless world of the net for everyone to see. The internet has evolved into a big documentary about real people with real dicks and pussies. And there are no signs of this trend slowing down.

So can we conclude that this problem, the sex outside of marriage among malay teenagers problem, were no different today that 10, maybe 20 years ago? Of course it’s not as simple as that. But still, boys will always spend 80% of his time alone thinking about sex and that does not change in every generation. Girls will always fantasize about handsome guys with big dicks riding white stallions. and that stallion has a bigger dick that his master.

Lastly, try replacing the topic ‘sex stories’ to ‘racial hatred’ and you’ll realize how bad the internet is working against the harmonic nature of the Malaysian community. People were focusing on social problems when the real issue that needs to be solved quickly is in fact, racial hatred that is burning like wild fire during summer. Another 13 may is not very far, and you just have to spend a couple of hours surfing on the internet to realize how close this thing is to blowing up like an rm10 piñata.

Look, I just turned a rant about sex into racial hatred in a split second! hmm... i think i have no straight direction in today's post. Ok, I guess I’m going to write about racial hatred in Malaysia, soon!

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