Wednesday, October 18, 2006

syukur alhamdulillah

oh yeah yeehaa ! after traveling from kyuushuu to hokkaido around japan chasing one purpose that is to get the opportunity to futher my studies, finally i can at least put my strees hat on a lower level. thank god i've passed the entrance exam for akita university. あああ、むっちゃ疲れたわ。。。。もう後5ヶ月はゆっくりと勉強と研究を進めるな。。

it's been a loooong time since i posted my last entry here because you know, i've been very busy with university entrance exam. i got so much to write with no time at all. right now i'm busy with the school festival (文化祭) that starts tomorrow. i'm quite nervous right now because i'm going to lead the whole freaking school tomorrow morning in the sports oath ceremony. when i heard that i was chosen to lead the oath ceremony, i think yeah maybe it's cool because that means i'm going to be the first foreign student to do it; but i forgot about one horrible thing. the japanese don't give shit about the oath ceremony: that's why every year the oath representative were SUPPOSED to do the oath ceremony in a humorous way because no one would give a shit if you do it PROPERLY. so i ride the time machine and flashed back to the sports oath ceremony when i was a third and fourth year student. oh my god the representative at that time were all trying soo hard to be funny that they look like fucking idiot jerks. oh shit i'm soo fucked !!!

so what the hell should i do for the oath ceremony next morning? my entire class were like "面白いのを期待してるよ。 = we expect it to be funny " !!! even my research lab professor said something about recording me next morning with his new high-definition sony handcam. damn it.

so i got a couple of ideas that i'm not sure are going to work. the first thing that i can come up with is to do the oath entirely in kelantanese dialect. haha. err... is it funny? that always works with my classmates but i don't know what are the reactions are going to be when the audience is just about 1000 japanese teenagers !!?!! ahh scrap that. my second idea is to it, NAKED. ok next idea: do the oath with a voice impersonation of someone famous like kitano takeshi or kodama kiyoshi. でもお前モノマネなんかやっ事ねぇだろう!?? i don't know how to do impersonations damn it! argh i'm doomed !! this is WAY harder than the university entrance exams !!

so there it is. i still have zero clue on what to do next morning. or maybe i should just put vegetable oil on my body and do it naked?

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