Wednesday, March 07, 2007

leah dizon

so what's the current 'boom' in japan? what's hot right now? i'll tell you what. her name is leah dizon, a hapa beauty from the states. go here for her simple background info from wikipedia.

she's all over the place. comedy programs, music shows, talk shows you name it. the japanese gravure world has never been stirred up to this level of attention and excitement. every japanese pervert and even normal people (!) is taking notice of her. they were all screaming "kawaii!!!" everytime she makes a movement, it's surreal. and i'm one of them too. at least for the first 2 weeks i first know about her. just search for leah dizon in youtube, and maybe you'll be hooked to her too. it was said that every magazine that put her as the cover girl will definitely sell. and blogs that host her pictures is eating hits for breakfast, supper and dinner.

damn this girl makes me bought all her photo book and calender. that's a first. i never buy anything just because it's kawaii or beautiful. damn i was being floated by her mellowness and katakoto nihongo. so she's american right? and trying to be an idol in japan, you HAVE to be able to speak in japanese. and in my 4 years in japan, i have never heard any gaijin that speaks horrible japanese and still be so damn cute while at it. damn i wish she never gets good at it because she sounded so adorable with her horrible japanese.

i'm one of those who gets fed up with something very easily but there's something about her that makes me want to stay. i really have nothing else to say, so just enjoy my favorite pictures of LEAH DIZON, the black ship of the japanese gravure world! リア・ディゾン大好き! oh, and one more thing, i'm collecting ALL of the videos of her tv appearances and ALL of her published pictures. and i'm being very successful. currently i have about 2Gs of her video and over 4000 pictures of her and i just can't stop. it's like hunting in the woods or something, not like i've done any hunting before though. crazy.

and oh i almost forgot. click the moving pictures below to see more of leah dizon at my zorpia photo album!


  1. Anonymous1:29 PM

    I like her, too! :)

  2. it's always nice to know another fan! liking leah dizon is ALWAYS a good thing, you know that!

  3. Sorry, I realize your post was put back in march last year and I'm just reading it now. But yeah, Leah has the goods and thanks for delivering them my friend. That hunting thing your talking about... I know just what you mean. Although correct me if I'm wrong, the new craze now a days is Nozomi Sasaki no?

  4. Well I guess you can say that the new craze is Sasaki Nozomi (or maybe Akiyama Rina?) but even combined, they failed to create an impact as big as Leah Dizon when she first come out.

    Anyways, Leah Dizon is now on the top list of celebrities that people predict are going to go through a divorce this year.

    What an irony.


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