Thursday, March 01, 2007


today the school management department held the annual 'foreign student opinion exchange meeting' at the hotel kokusai 21 and i was looking forward to this meeting after the last day of final examination yesterday. so just like every year, the objective of the meeting is for them to hear us foreign students complain about EVERYTHING, and they feed us with delicious food and delicacies after we told them what they did wrong and how to do their own job. oh how i love the japanese.

so every year i have to come up with at least one complain (or rant) to bring to the table. even if i don't have anything to complain about, i just have to make one. ain't fun if i just sit there and listen to everybody yapping right? so this year, to make a long story short, the people from the cultural exchange club of apls village thinks that we foreign students are not so very social because we've not been involved with their organization so i just told them that they're wrong, we are socializing with our classmates and friends from the communication club and the main reason why we don't want to be involved with their activities is because they're all old and not young like us. i told them i felt unease when an older person wants to 'play' with me. ohh you should look at the face of those 3 geezers when i said it to their face that i don't want to click with their old stinking generation.

a lot of other issues were brought up, but the most bizzare one is the problem of anpan, the 3rd year information tech. student from thailand. being the only foreigner in class (just like the rest of us foreign students), he felt lonely and stressed out that he turned mental for a while and were treated at a mental hospital. i'm not kidding, the kid is absolutely flushed out and looked like a psychopath. no wonder no one wants to be friends with him. so he just blamed all of his problems on the senseis and students that were around him. he told the board that he doesn't agree with me when i said the japanese people are kind people. he talked more smack than i do! i must give 'em some credit! but i think he is wrong. it's his own fault that he didn't want to watch videos showing how cute leah dizon looks in a bunny outfit and let the stress out. wait a minute, what i mean is to have fun. don't be too serious all the time. studying and being the smartest kid in the class is not THE most important thing in the world.

after 2 hours of boring yada yada, we went downstairs to the dining room to eat !!! there were a lot of food and all of them are seafood delicacies! oh i love them more !!! that means i can eat all of the food! sushi, sashimi, kai yaki, gulatan, i ate them all. then we took some pictures and finished it off with a speech from the 5th students (including me). we were asked to tell the audience what was it like to be a nagano kousen student for 3 years. i didn't prepare anything so i just made a lame joke about how big the difference is between the speaking speed of the nihongo sensei and the engineering sensei when they're teaching. thank god everyone laughed. well, at the end of the meeting/party, i just can't believe it that i'm graduating from this school! 3 years felt so short!

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