Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve 'Crocodile Hunter' Irwin died

CRIKEY!! i can't believe it ! the crocodile hunter is NO MORE ! he got his heart stabbed by a startled stingray during filming a documentary by the australian coast. i remember being glued to the tv when i was a kid every time this crazy bastard appeared on tv. his wild live tv programs especially 'Crocodile Hunter' is one of the best wild life tv show EVER !!! i love this guy !!!

i knew he would die a horrible death somehow during filming but i didn't expect the mighty steve irwin would die in a marine accident. i always imagined him being eaten alive by a big ass snake or getting his head chopped off by an alligator.

anyways, thank you steve irwin for working hard and even putting your life on the line for my entertainment when i was bored and waiting for the ' Illustrated Magazines 100 top bikini ' to air. and i'm sorry for changing the channel because i want to watch powerpuff girls. i thought you're going to die in your early fifties, being eaten alive by a crocodile that is. i'm going to miss this guy. absolutely one of my favourite tv presenter. thank you steve !

cnn news coverage: click here !!!

Steve Irwin on Wikipidia: must read !!!

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