Thursday, October 25, 2007

japanese jehovah's witness missionaries don't like me no more

not long ago, i wrote about my encounter with two japanese jehovah messiah missionaries and the little chat we had together. the chat was very friendly, part serious, part provocative but always interesting and weird because at some part, it was obvious that i have more knowledge about christianity than them; and i was teaching them the history of christianity while wearing my pajamas on a cold spring morning.

it seemed like the morning coldness had awoken my precious little brother from it's sleep; and it keeps popping up, hard and healthy. so i had to try very hard to cover my stubborn little brother while trying to talk about religion. hard work because they don't usually get along with each other very well.

anyways, after the long conversation, and realizing that their mission has failed because it seemed like it was me who was talking all the time, the left me alone, and never to return with their holy missions.

since then, we randomly crossed path with each other on the streets several times. what i don't understand is that whenever i tried to say hello to them when we randomly met on the streets, they seemed to try to avoid me. they always pretended to NOT see me. why would a jehovah's witness be scared of a muslim like me? am i the evil demon that could sway them away from their belief and jesus? if they think that way, COOL !!!

at first, i thought they kinda liked me or something because i'm the only foreign student who responds to them. all the other students just shut their doors and went back to sleep.

it was my mistake. i forgot that they are japanese first and jehovah messiah second. their good treatment during our first conversations was just a 建前(tatemae - personality mask you put to make good image of yourselves). their 本音(honne - the real personality, thoughts) is absolutely the opposite. i don't think they like me! like, at all!

so today, i saw the other female missionary with her new apprentice waiting in a green toyota march parked in front of the foreign student's dormitory. being the friendly guy that i am, i thought to myself: yeah they tried to avoid me but what if i force a friendly hello on them and see their reaction? that would be fun!

so i approached their car, slowly, and smiling. the two missionaries who were talking (maybe practicing preaching) suddenly stopped doing whatever they're doing, and looked down like they're trying to NOT notice me coming towards them. i stopped exactly 1 meters from their car, and stood there for a minute or two, waiting for them to lift up their faces so that i could say HELLO! i waited and waited while watching these two adult female curl in fear of having to talk to me. i felt like darth vader looking at a weak obi-wan kenobi sitting beside a baby luke skywalker. it's awesome to be an evil demon!

it took them 3 minutes to notice me standing there. as soon as i saw their faces, i smiled wider and waved my hand, saying konnichiwa. they gave me this 'troubled' smile back. i got what i wanted, a fake smile, so i left them with another fake smile.

man i can't wait to go to a japanese jehovah witness church and scare the shit out of them! being evil in front of religious people is so very COOL !!!


  1. next stage make them faint bro ^_^

  2. ooh i mean them no harm really! i'm just trying to be friendly and having fun that's all.

  3. Anonymous4:03 PM


  4. yes i do it because it is nice !


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