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What I (previously wrote) On My Friendster Profile
About Me:

(Describe Yourself)
i can't describe myself coz sometimes i don't understand things that i did. some said i'm funny, some said i'm hot-tempered but i always told myself to be natural, to be myself, all the time. i can change from being the most friendly guy to the coldest one in seconds. and i'm trying very hard to practice my english whenever i had the chance 'coz i wanna be good at it 'coz since i first step my foot on japan soil, i noticed my english becoming worse everyday. o one more thing, i hate queers. fucking hate em i wanna kill one. awww relax, i'm just kidding! i don't hate someone just because he thinks fucking some other guy in the ass hole is a probable way to express himself sexually. as long as MY butthole is safe, i have no problem. besides, i strongly believe in opening to different people with different culture and faith, or lack of both. whatever, just remember this: it doesn't mean that i'm a BAD person just 'coz i used the f-word in my profiles. check out my blog on friendsterblog! wait a minute, scratch that. go here instead:

Describe Who You Want to Meet:
kate hudson and ryoko hirosue! i love em!! actually anyone friendly enough! (except gay bastards, of course -- ok, that's just one bad joke! no offence to the butt-humping-lovin people). i would really want to meet back my old pals (where are u all?) SRKSIS Pasir Mas, SMK Dato Ahmad Maher Kota Bharu, MRSM Taiping Perak, Matrik Penang (KMPP) Penang, PPKTJ KL& ISI Tokyo. and i also love making new friend. to have an international friend would also be very cool.

I Think It's Time To Change:
Yes, I know; it's pretty fucked up. I don't know why would I write something like that on my own profile, describing myself. Maybe I thought it was funny? When other people think it's just disgusting and so fucking low.... I think I should change my profile, especially the homophobic nature of the About Me section. Don't get me wrong here, I still like the jokes degrading queers and butt-humpers, but sometimes, too much is too much. I mean, I'm from a very conservative culture, but I felt like I'm just trying too hard to be non-conservative. I'm not a jumpy teenager anymore.

I think, from now on, when I'm writing, I'm going to make sure that mrnicekid is not influencing me in any way; write what I want to write, not what taopix or mrnicekid wants me to write. I think I should be my real self all the time. I always let my guards down and let my other characters do the writing; and from now on, I'll try to reduce the times of that happening. I know it's going to be boring, but I have to have this. I need myself writing as me. Not any other personality. I'll try to make sure that mrnicekid's really, really dead. I'm killing him for good.

Because having multiple personalities, sucks.

Because sometimes, although these characters that I created are only supposed to exist in my literature world, I don't want them to get stronger and eventually appearing in the real world. Rather then letting them stay in my right brain, I'd prefer them dead, for good.


  1. pembaca1:24 PM

    “He thinks he's sexy, but he's not! nice but confused & helpless guys,"

    Do you still remember this? This is what a friend of mine had said bout u…erm..i think bout it at that time..and u know what? I think she’s right..u ‘re trying to prove urself in ur writing, which u cant in real life! But hey. I think its ok…many people do that..’s my suggestion..why dun u create another blog, specially for ‘another’ u which is nice( real nice,ok?), well behave and good. Then, we’ll see which one is better and loved by ur readers? :p

    p/s: forgive if I’m wrong.PEACE!

  2. yeah, i think i should agree with what your friend said about me. sometimes i look in the mirror and thought " damn, you're sexy! no wonder you got friend requests from 16 year olds everyday!". HAHAHAHA.

    i don't understand this sentence: "I think she’s right..u ‘re trying to prove urself in ur writing, which u cant in real life!".

    what am i trying to prove again? are you nice enough to explain this to me?

    anyways, i don't write stuff that would make my readers like me. i write stuff that would make me like myself when i read it again later when i'm bored.

    but sometimes i got confused and messed up that sometimes i crossed the line in my writing. but i will never delete those posts, because i hope by keeping it that way, it would remind me to NOT repeat the same thing.

    anyways, the post is not about me trying to be nicer or more likeable; NO, i don't give a shit what a stranger thinks about me.

    i'm just trying to grab hold of my own original identity and style; not be someone that i'm not.

    i don't really have time to write 2 blogs at the same time, but thanks for the suggestion! really appreciate it!

    so you're the same 'pembaca' on the shoutbox?

  3. pembaca12:05 PM

    Wahh� I think I can see someone�s angry there�the statement is just what I think of u..dats all! dats why I said, forgive me if I�m wrong!

    Ok, let me xplain, actly..sumtimes people just cant say sumthing shit in front of other people, sumthing bad, sumthing honest, direct from their heart..even its all true.. So, we just express all those feeling in our helps a lot! A LOT!! you know what I mean?

    Ok, me, myself�always talk shitty in my blog..which I cant in real life..i cant say everything I wanna say even I want to� and you, I don�t think you can say everything that crossed ur mind whenever u see sumthing dat annoys u, for example? Well�I bad in explain�just forget it ok? If it totally wrong and doesn�t match at all, y dun u jez �tear� and �crumble� this piece of shit and �throw� in ur smelly dustbin? Ok? IF it can cool down ur anger, I suppose?

  4. arrr i am an angry green monster and i am about to blow arrr !!! even hulk would piss in his pants !!!


    well, just because i used the word 'shit', it doesn't mean that i'm angry. got no reason to be angry anyways; like i said before, it doesn't matter.

    i use taboo words as often as i use the exclamation mark, to the effect of giving a sentence a much needed attention from the readers. normally people would pay more attention to a sentence like: "Holy Fucking Shit! That's Fucking Awesome" as suppose to just writing: " Wow, that's awesome! ".

    both has the same meaning but very different attraction and emotional depth. how to get attention 101.

    ok, i thank you for taking the time to explain. now i understand.

    and yes, i agree with you. not everything that i write are things that i would say in real world. these words are supposed to stay in writing. and it should stay that way.

    and yes, writing is a great way to release stress, but i prefer playing violent video games, killing cops and innocent pedestrians in grand theft auto 4. that game is awesome! you should try it !!! woot !!!

    anyways, i'm sorry if you'd misunderstood me and made you angry. i can sense it in your post.

    i think you should write more shitty things in your blog, and release stress that way; IF that's what you're into. you can also practice your english that way, it's a really beneficial activity!

    you HAVE to agree with that, don't you think so?

  5. Hi ! :)

    You don't have to listen to 'pembaca'! I like your posts the way it is! I understand the humorous nature of it. Only a stucked-up person would took it seriously! Although some (only a little) of the jokes are really disgusting, a lot of it are really, really funny! You're really funny guy with a great (although dark and sick) sense of humour! Don't try to be 'nice' just to please your readers; just be YOU!


  6. hey, thanks for the support! but i have to ask you this:

    are you the afrikan homosexual who had tried to be 'close friends' with me some time ago?

  7. Of course NOT, you silly man!

    I'm a girl :p and a fan of your writings! They're really... direct, funny, emotional, weird and fun to read!

    p/s: I'm not a malaysian, not a japanese. I can only speak English but I've been to both Malaysia and Japan; two of my most fav asian countries!

  8. we're like chatting on here! with a huge time lag.

    oh so you're a girl!

    hey ya sweetie, don't you wanna have some sexy time on the web cam? yeah baby yeah!

    ok, i was just joking! don't go freaking out on me! i'm really a normal guy! ;)

    nice to know you. wait a minute, i still don't know you!

  9. Just joking? Aww.. I'm disappointed...


  10. well, if you want to know whether i'm joking or not, why don't you send me you email address and then we could have a fun, heart-warming, friendly conversations through the wonderful magical world of... the web cams!

    KABOOM !!!

  11. pembaca10:51 PM

    wah...suddenly i'm the bad guy here...ahh...doesnt matter lah!

    anyway...after i read again..again and again...i think i was wrong by saying all that. maybe what i understand is not what you try to say..nvr mind..
    just be you! whatever u want.. i dont want to care!

    but what makes me angry..(not menyirap la jugak) is u people thought that i'm trying to critics the way you are.. believe me..its not my intention at all.

    p/s: thanx. but no, thanx. i dont really play comp games..what? gta 4? i'm a person who still believe that kind of games is bad for health. i'm such a boring creature who having great time just playing ZUMA until the final stage! WOOT!!

  12. don't sweat it! it's just a simple misunderstanding! sorry for the misunderstanding!

    jgn cepat marah, nanti kulit cepat berkedut hehehehe.

    yeah, playing video games is bad for your health. i wore glasses because i played too much video games!

    and it's a costly hobby too!


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