Sunday, April 09, 2006

new glasses

my new glasses. bought this one at UENO, tokyo. it's not cheap (14000yen) but it's pretty sweet. this one is just like hideo kojimas'. when i first wear this at school, almost everyone i spoke to tells me that my new glasses were a bit 'hade(flashy; gaudy)' because of the colour (transparent - or the lack of it?!), but as they get used to it, now they're bugging me with gay praises like 'hey you look cool!', 'you look very nice!' etc. i don't know why the japanese male could praise another male's look without being gay.

one time when i cut my hair short and put on contact lenses, my classmate sakurai couldn't stop saying gayish things like 'oh my god you're soo cool'. when i said, 'no, i'm not! i just look different from the rest of you'. but he took it to the next level by saying 'no ali, you are very handsome, if i'm a girl i would drool on you'. from that day, i stop wearing contact lenses. those are made from hell. pheesshh. of course everyone wants to look good and wants people to think they look good, but that is TOO FUCKING GAY i can't take it !!!

i want to be an average looking guy (and i think i am), i don't think i'm ugly, but i don't think i'm 'wow you're handsome fucking shit why the fuck are you telling me that shit you crazy arse are you on crack or what !!??' good looking either. but i guess they're just kissing my arse, like i don't know how good the japanese is when it comes to arse kissing. (kiss ass -
To act submissively or obsequiously in order to gain favor. in malay: bodek). i look in the mirror and all i can see is just an average looking guy. even if i look exactly like brad pitt it wouldn't mean a thing if i can't do calculus and speak japanese. looks means nothing, it's the inside that REALLY matters.

but when i think about it, it's pretty cool actually. in malaysia, if you're a male, you can only praise another male's good looks by using irony and sarcasm or you'll be accused of having a hobbie of dripping on sweaty guys with musles. so i'm having a peace of mind, now that i know i don't bought something that will make me look like a boyband. gay people and boybands, i hate them equally.

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