Saturday, July 07, 2007

seksi tu normal ke kat sini?

aku baru aje 3 bulan masuk universiti akita ni so mungkin aku kurang faham dengan budaya kat sini. tapi aku tetap rasa mcam tak betul. student2 perempuan (awek2 jepun la ni, bkn bdak2 mesia) kat sini pakai skirt singkat sangat. pakai baju ketat sangat. pakai kasut tumit tinggi sangat. especially bebudak education.

aku rasa mcam ironi pula. diaorg datang ke universiti supaya bila diaorg graduate nanti, bole mencurahkan ilmu dan membentuk moral muda-mudi jepun, tapi zaman diaorg student dulu punya la pakai seksi tak bertempat, dan sudah semestinya tidak bermoral.

seperti ada satu pertandingan. sapa tunjuk paling banyak kulit, dia menang. kalo diaorg pakai mcam tu time pegi party ke, go-kon ke, aku bole faham la. tapi kenapa di tempat pendidikan mcam universiti ni pon nak pakai mcam tu? kenapa perlu adanya tarikan seks di tempat mcam ini? diaorg ni akan jadi cikgu lepas graduate; jadi memang tak pelik la bebudak skolah jepun skang mcam sial. eh jap. bukan mcam sial. tapi mcam celaka.

if you dress like a slut, you will be treated like one. i think these girls are too shallow, to think that sexier is better. but i don't want to bullshit anyone here, i'm a normal guy so i will never hate attractive sexy adult women but come on! sometimes enough is enough. especially when exams is just near the corner and i need to focus on things that matters the most at that time. it's hard to stay focused when you start your day by looking at ass and tits. i tried to look away, but the slut-power is too awesome to be taken lightly.

well, i guess i can't 100% blame them. the japanese mass-media really put pressure on young women to look good, slim and sexy all the time. busu, make inu etc. are the words that japanese women don't want to be associated with because it would mean a disastrous, lonely life with no one to love you except diet supplement companies. it's so unfair that it's actually true: pretty girls get rich guys. and those guys are shallow too.

it's summer and with the rising temperature, the shortness of their skirts started to rise too. these things could mess with my perceptions about women that it makes me want to live in a muslim world. in the end, it makes me think, should i bitch about this 'problem' all the time or change my perspective and just enjoy the sinful sights?

sense > sexy


  1. ingat bro.. nengok skali jangan kelip.. rezeki tu.. bile kelip dah dosye dah.. :))

    p/s: hahaha.. aku pon turut share dose gak cish

  2. tunggu winter nanti..lagi sexy skirt2 diorg..xyah la laki tgk, aku yg pompuan pun toleh 2-3 kali tgk..hehe..

    sbb tu la msia best..wpon ade ramai yg sexy n cun, yg x sexy n cun still dpt equal (almost) perhatian from fact sometime lagi dpt perhatian pun ramai kan..

  3. hmmm betul tu shahnaz. in malaysia, males could look at a women with more respect and modesty. here in japan, you have to fight with yourself to NOT imagine every young women you see, naked. wait a minute, have i said something wrong?

    anyways, i want this to be known. not all male like blatant sexiness. bigger boobs does not always means better. to sum it up, creative kawaii >>>> blatant sexiness. anytime.

  4. for me... intelligent = sexy, anyway.. yang len2 tu value added ar..

    p/s: bro.. winter ni aku gi jepon, tumpang umah kao.. hahaha.. nanchatte!

  5. falsafah baru:

    awek mesti seksi
    bini mesti modest

    aku hanya jumpa awek seksi aje skang, yg modest tak jumpa lagi.



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