Tuesday, June 19, 2007

run mr salaryman run !

It was such a sunny day that it’s hard to open my eyes wide while riding the bicycle. So I was on my way back from a tiring (and of course BORING) day at school, when I noticed this ridiculously short 50-60 years old salarymen running along the road pavement, trying desperately to catch his just-departed bus. He looked ridiculously funny with the way he tried his best to lift up his short legs so that he could run as fast as he could; the expression on his face was priceless.

Deep down inside, I remember yelling “ Ganbare oyaji! Don’t give up! Run faster oyaji just fly! You can do it!”. I was subconsciously cheering for this Japanese salarymen running under the bright sun. I put my right foot on the pavement to stop my bike so that I could see this oyaji succeed in his glorious effort to try to catch a moving bus; but things does not always happen as you wanted it to happen.

The bus came to a brief halt, just so that the oyaji could reach the door to knock and ask for it to be opened. The bus driver didn’t respond, and drove away, leaving the poor oyaji grinning in disappointment.

I pity the lonely oyaji. Just think about all the consequences that could happen. He could be scolded and bitched around by his boss for being late. Then he would put aside whatever puny samurai pride he has left and bow several times for forgiveness like an old puppy. To make up for what he had done, he probably would stay up late at the company to show his boss the dedication and hard-working spirit is still within him. When he returned home late, his 17 years old daughter is going to hate him even more than she did before because he would come home drunk, smelly and noisy after having a drink at the local izakaya with his colleagues to relieve the stress accumulated through out the day.

Then he would go upstairs to his bedroom just to find his wife having sex in acrobatic positions with a 19 years old university student majored in arts (he needs the money to further his studies). He used to be an expert at those acrobatic sexual position but for the past 5 years he was too busy with his work that he's too tired to fuck his wife, plus his back hurts and he is no longer as tough as before. He went mad, picked up the baseball bat lying on the floor (it fell from the wall because the fucking was too awesome), beat his wife and her newfound gigolo-boy to death. After taking a breath for 5 minutes, he would masturbate to aoi sora’s videos and rape the dead body of the gigolo-boy before he went downstairs to the kitchen to find a cutting knife and slit his throat.

Don’t worry. His daughter is going to be fine in her own room, busy studying for the coming university entrance exam.

Poor little Japanese salarymen. The bus driver could have just let him on the freaking bus!



  1. hahahahahahaha... faking shit.. xbrubah2 ko sejak dluh.. hahahahaha.. weyh bilo balik msia ??

  2. hohoho time can change the color of our hair but it will never change our perverted minds hahaha. balik mesia? ari tu time fuyu dah balik la. natsu tahun ni tak balik la kot. nak gi ryoko ngan ryugakusei2 kat sini. aku mengharapkan ramai awek2 kankoku join hehehe.

    weh ko dah kerja belom? ko makan roti canai tiap2 malam tak?

  3. gory siot climax.. how can la u mixing fact with disturbed fiction.

  4. gorier the merrier ? these were just thoughts of a numb mind, you know i'm just playing with my sick imaginations....


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