Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Edison Chen: You’re My Hero !!!

This might be an old story but I have just found out about the Edison Chen sex photo scandal!!! Yeah Edison Chen from my favourite Hong Kong police movie Infernal Affairs! What an awesome scandal this one is, and it might be the biggest one in asia right now!

Chen was involved in a sex scandal in January 2008, when hundreds of racy photographs, reportedly stolen from his laptop while it was sent out for repair at a computer shop, became widely circulated on the Internet. Many of the photos featured explicit nudity, and included images of himself as well as several high-profile female celebrities from the Hong Kong entertainment industry.

Just think about it, do you know anyone else who had fucked as many celebrities as Chen? Edison Chen has become a living legend for sure. He fucked, anally abused and received countless blowjobs from many celebrities, and pictures of 14 of those ‘lucky’ celebrities sucking his dick and licking his balls ended up on hong kong internet forums. He even fucked Cecilia Cheung, who is extremely hot and has quite a talent in acting (see Lost In Time and The King of Comedy).

It was a bummer though that he had decided to step away from the entertainment industry to do voluntary and social work instead. Instead of fucking hong kong celebrities, he choose to fuck volunteer and social workers instead… I really don’t understand this guy.

If you want to see the picture yourself, it can be easily be found on hong kong torrent sites; but be warned, it’s very sexually explicit: lots of dick sucking and celebrities with unshaven pussy posing in front of Chen’s camera and… you got the point.

Ok to the lazy people, you can download the torrent here:


1) if you live in china though, it is best that you don't download the files because there has been cases of random people being arrested just because they have the images in their hard drive. so be careful !

2) the picture above is cecilia cheung, in a police woman cosplay! damn those hong kong celebrities know how to party! of course the picture was taken by Chen. Lots of other pictures that are more 'revealing' than this one; that is my assurance!

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