Wednesday, March 21, 2007

today is vernal equinox day! wait a minute... what?

today is 春分の日(shun bun no hi) which is the vernal equinox day; so today is a national public holiday to admire nature and living things. Many people visit the graves of their ancestors, washing the tombstone, tidying up the site, and offering flowers at this day. for me, today is the day when i washed my old clothes because i'm prepping them up to be ready to be sent to akita, tidying up my room and offering my old 19 inch monitor to my classmate, nagato kun.

nagato kun called me at 8:45 a.m. and told me he's coming with his dad to pick up the crt monitor. i'm giving the monitor to him for free. so i guess maybe he thought that coming over to JUST pick up the monitor and go away would not be very appropriate, he brought me confectioneries! a pack of blueberry rare cheeze and strawberry rolls. sweet!

ahh... i have so much good memory with that monitor. crispy color, high speed and refresh time that brings no lagging, real presentation of the color black, support for extremely high resolution, crystal clear picture quality without any ghosting... i'm going to miss that black dell crt monitor. no expensive lcd or tft monitor could match the picture quality of a normal priced crt monitor.

after that, i went to kuroneko to ask about what kind of luggage/boxes delivery service they offer and i thought the 単身引越しサービス (tanmi hikkoshi service) is perfect for me so i decided to use that service to send my luggage and things to my new room at akita. luggages with the accumulated size of 2m^3 would cost just 25200 yen (nagano to akita). pretty cheap, and i can ask them to send the luggages on a specified time. nice.

on the way home, i stopped by at tsuruya to buy even more japanese confectioneries. i bought a pack of dango, japanese pudding and sakura mochi. the sakura mochi is pink because of? guess what? they put sakura petals in the mochi gome mix. goody.

next up, tidying up the room. i brought a lot of useless stuff from that room and when i'm done, the room looks... a lot cleaner. there are still some other stuff that i'm going to throw away but it felt a lot more spacious! and i can't believe how much useless crap i'm bringing out from the small room! most of them are books, papers and clothings though.

so i bring all this 'garbage' to the the garbage station, and well what do i found there: 3 boxes full of porn! loli, s&m, wife banger, hentai, violent, group sex... you name it, it's there. i can't believe how much porn could these 15-20 year old japanese students throw away at a time. actually, it is always like this, whenever there's a long holiday, there will be piles and piles of porn material left in the garbage station; but what i'm a bit surprised is at the content of those supposedly noneducational materials: they're too sick, violent and the hentai porn magazines is full of lolicon sickness!

there is even one magazine that i accidentally and not-purposely read that teaches how to grope women in a packed morning train! intense! and most of the hentai magazine is about an old guy raping a 8 year old girl. insane! and i guess a lot of the kids from my school are fucking perverts, and that makes me one of them too! i guess i should write about how perverted the minds of the old and the young japanese male is one day, here at this blog.ok lets move on.

then i went to american drug to buy some washing chemicals for clothings? (洗濯剤) and bought a can of pineapple-in-a-can and it was made in malaysia! very sweet! then i washed all of my smelly and absolutely not hygienic clothes using 4(!) washing machines and 4 dryers at a time! very helpful when you're the only one in the building!

and at night, i cooked chicken kurma curry and it tasted wonderful. i believe i can still make delicious curries! then went upstairs to my room, did some planning on my trip to tokyo tomorrow, boot the computer up and started to write this entry. i guess that's it!

tomorrow i'll be going to tokyo and maybe will be staying at rehet's place and after that at zam's (senpai from nagano kousen) place.

おやすみ!(oyasumi - good night!)

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