Thursday, March 22, 2007

gaijin dakara?

today i went to nagano shi to buy the express bus ticket to shinjuku. minus 4000 yen from my personal savings, which is not really bad. usually, i would use the nagano-tokyo bullet train when traveling between nagano and tokyo but starting from this year, i've decided to choose cheaper ways of trasportation.

of course bullet train is way faster, taking only 45 minutes (or was it 90? i'm confused right now) compared to the 4 hours of fun and joyful experience of being in a big moving vehicle the bus provides; but a bullet train ticket from nagano to tokyo
costs 7000 yen. WHICH is still affordable but i could really use the extra money to buy more useful things like a 3D mouse pad.

on the way back to the train station, i was stopped by an onesan. and these were our translated-to-english conversations:

onesan: hi! i'm from XXXX, a street fashion magazine and i would like to interview you about fashion and clothing. it won't take long so are in? me: err... yeah. ok....... because i'm not in a hurry and this sounded interesting, i talked about a subject that i have no idea at all that is street fashion for about 3-5 minutes. onesan: wait a minute, different country? me: hm? what do you mean? yes, i'm a foreigner. i'm from malaysia. onesan: err... so are you working here? me: no, i'm still studying. you know nagano kousen? onesan: aww i'm sorry. i only wanted to interview non-students. i'm really sorry.

then she left just like that.

so my question is, did she really canceled the interview just because i'm a student? weird right because only young people are into street fashion and a lot of young people are... drum rolls... students! that is a firm fact. or is it because i'm a foreigner? a GAIJIN?

well, at least i have successfully fooled her into thinking that i'm japanese, for 5 minutes.

*or maybe my japanese is so horrible that she couldn't understand a single word that's coming out of my mouth, and she just didn't have the heart to stop my babbling*

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