Friday, February 02, 2007

.interval 01

i have a little sister. we ALWAYS hold hands when walking together. after 1.5 years being away, i went back to malaysia for a short holiday last December. so when i was walking with my little sister, i hold her hand, like always. but after about 30 seconds, she let it go. i hold her hands again and she did the same thing. at that time i realized, i forgot that she's not that little sister that i knew anymore. she has grown. a bit. she doesn't felt like holding my hands anymore when we walk side by side.

i'm not saying that she's all grown up, but she's not so small anymore either. then i realized, people around me, myself included, we all have been doing some growing up lately. and i forgot to check my watch.

i can't believe i'm already 22 years old. i do felt that i have changed a lot since high school but sometimes i just felt like i'm that same naive person that used to think adult sucks. now i am one.

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