Thursday, August 30, 2007

warning to namewee video and going to tokyo

exactly two days ago i posted the above video on my youtube channel and since then it has been collecting a LOT of comments from angry malaysians. the first 24 hours is full of racist idiotic comments that i have to delete a lot of them. the interesting thing is that, although during the first 24 hours, it looks like the malays and the chinese are trying to kill each other, the next day, i started to see these two sides to UNITE and just pouring out their disgust against the video's original creator, whoever he was. it's an amazing and dramatic change.

everyone, malay and chinese, were condemning the 4 bastards in the video and the foolish racist remarks started to tone down, a little. now it was all about bad mouthing these 4 sick sons of bitches, regardless their race nor religion. it's nice to see malaysians, together hand in hand, throwing offensive remarks to 4 deserving fuck ups.

yeah i know the video is quite controversial but what i intended to do is to reveal to all malaysians that sick people like this DO exists in the malaysian youth community, and something HAS to be done. this problem is serious because we all know what extreme racial hatred is capable of doing. the government should start to notice the ripple in our country's racial harmony, and take proper efforts to prevent it from becoming a wave that could swallow and destroy us all. maybe i sounded a little pushy and exaggerating a bit there but still, even the smallest ripple deserves attention. intelligent attention.

you can read the description of the video by going to youtube. although it was merry and all, i was planning to take the video down very soon, delete it because my intentions in posting the video can be easily misunderstood by dumb people, . and there are a LOT of dumb people out there. like myself.

and yeah. i'm going to tokyo for a week. i have no propose what so ever to be in that cramped city full of smelly nerds and noisy high school girls but i was boring bored. actually, there IS a place that i want to visit. odaiba. the fuji televison networks is doing a summer festival or something and i really wish that i could see the mechaike members when i'm there. other destinations to visit will be decided when i'm there.

got to finish packing my bag.


  1. have good week bro, share the pic with us ^_^

  2. yeah thanks. i'm writing this from a manga kissaten in shibuya. it's awesome !


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