Thursday, March 24, 2005

pembuka bicara

ok. finally i decided to start blogging. the main reason for me to start doing this is just to have a place where i can practice my english coz' here in japan, i don't have the opportunity to use the language that much. i used to be good at it but now, it sucks hard i don't want it to get any more worse.
and i would also like to tell u my side of the story about japan. what i experienced here, what i did and what i think about this very mysterious country and culture that i think is quite different from what i've imagined 2 years ago before i came here.
and of course i'll be telling my daily life and the things that i do everyday, which is very boring but hell fuck that. i'll try to write everyday, and i'll try to make it as boring as possible so that no one would give a shit about it.
so i welcome my self to the boring blog world! yuhuu!

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