Thursday, April 14, 2005

pubic hair and star wars republic commando

posted at : Monday, Apr 11 2005, 01:24:19 AM

err... i cut (not shave!) my tiny moustache with a scissor today. now i look cleaner and younger too. and today, during the afternoon, i finally finished STAR WARS REPUBLIC COMMANDO computer game. i think it's quite good and fun. ahh i think i'm having a headache! i'm going to bed right now, after i go cut my pubic hair, with the same scissor that i use to cut my moustache. oh yeah i like that scissor. i've cut a LOT of hair with that thing. pubic hair, arm pit hair, nose hair you name i cut it. and sometimes my classmates borrowed it from me and i feel very lonely when that happens...... of course i'm kidding! anyways, i think i'm going to cut my precious pubic hair tomorrow night. i'll do the coolest pubic hair stlye!

yeah today's journal is about me cutting my pubic hair. when did u last cut yours? i'm waiting for your reply!

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