Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Japan General Election 2005

thank god the election is finally over! it's been very noisy lately because of the loud speakers the candidates put on trucks to spread their manifesto. you go to the market, you meet these guys. you go to school you can hear them from their loud speakers, it's been crazy. these japanese do know how to kiss butt for support/vote.
yeah prime minister koizumi with his Liberal Democratic Party owns the election with a land slide win. yeah what ever, as long as they don't delay my scholarship, i don't give a fuck anyways. but i do know this, koizumi is not a man who is serious about reform, so nothing's gonna change except for the privatization of the nation's post office, and i still don't know what that would mean. i just hope they don't charge me more for sending small packages to malaysia.
change of topic, and it's about friendster's blog section. hey friendster can be very, very stupid and annoying sometimes. i've been trying to post new material in this blog for a full week and when i click the link, it just brought me back to my main friendster page. shitty friendster. there's soo many things that i want to write but because of these, i don't even have the feeling to write longer, anymore. ok nitie i'm terribly in a state of dizziness and better get to sleepy land right now, bye!

September 13, 2005

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