Monday, May 29, 2006

theme hospital

last night while i was browsing through my favourite torrent site, TorrentLeech.Com, i found myself quite amuzed by this one particular torrent newly posted on the site. it was the torrent for one of the classic management games of all times: THEME HOSPITAL. i remember playing this game when i was very little using my father's ms-dos computer. it was very addicting at that time because this game is one of a kind because unlike other games that depends heavily on killing and violance, players have to think fast and put their management skills to the test in order to play the game well. this game was released in 1997 and a lot of games released at that time were shooting and action game, in which you don't really have to think to play the game, and almost all of it are based on killing mutant, zombies, aliens and terrorist. theme hospital brought a new era to the management game genre by introducing simple mechanic with humour and style that was very different and unique.
the objective of the game is very simple: manage your hospital and be the best manager ever! you have to hire doctors, nurses etc. and if you treat your patient with the hospitality needed, you'll surely beat the other hospitals in the area and every patient wants to go to your hospital. i like how they implement humor in this game. the patient usually suffers absolutely insane and ridiculous illness like big head, long tongue, invinsible (?!!) etc. and the doctors use funny method to cure his/her patients like blowing the big head and then pumping it with air until it returns to normal size.
theme hospital, very old game, and i bet every computer today can play this game with out a problem. ahh i long for those days, where we don't have to care about graphic cards, shader model 3.0, pixel pipe lines etc. the time when what matters the most is gameplay. nowadays people seems to choose graphics over gameplay, and that's pathethic. well, what ever, i'm a graphic whore too heheehee CRYSIS on thr CRYENGINE looks absolutely awesome!!! can't wait for UNREAL ENGINE 3 too !!!

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