Wednesday, June 28, 2006

i wanna see the world cup

i wanna see the world cup but the odd hours and the lack of free time to watch tv is not helping me much in my quest to enjoy the biggest sports event in the world. i missed a lot of the matches but i tried to keep up with the result, goal moments and fake fouls by watching highlights but that won't cut it. that's not the way to enjoy the world cup! but well, i guess a busy man should make sacrifices sometimes........ damn you world cup, worst timing !!! ever !!!

p/s: picture below has nothing to do with the world cup, just a lingerie company (i'm not really sure though, but does it really matter? ) in china making full use of the world cup fever in their advertisement; just like any other company. i thought mud, football and lingerie was never a good combination. well, i'm not always right.........


  1. crazyforazn4:34 PM

    damn hot asians !!! i want to lick those mud on their silky skins... more pics please !!!

  2. you want more asian flesh? take a look at my 2005 TOKYO GAME SHOW coverage:

    bon apetito my perverted friend ;)


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