Friday, August 18, 2006

i got a new video camera !!!

i finally got a compact video camera that i can call my own!!! i've been wanting to own a video camera ages ago but because video cameras are bulky and insanely expansive, i always restraint myself from getting one; until now.

i bought a toshiba gigashot v10 hard disk video camera for 59800 yen from which is very cheap for a small video camera. it utilizes toshiba's new world smallest hard drive (about the size of one hundred yen coins; i've seen this at the toshiba muzeum) and what i really like about this video camera is it's weight: merely 260g and it's tiny size: i don't know the exact size but it's surely smaller that my own palm. for such a tiny body, this guy packs a LOT of punch.

the 4gb hard disk could record about 120mins of HD footage but the battery only last for 80mins. but with the included extra battery in the package i couldn't be more happier. along with the camera i also bought a 2gb SDRAM card to support the hard drive so that i could shoot more stuff.

i've been messing around with my new v10, shooting different kinds of videos and images in differant situations and to my surprise, although this is a budget video camera, the image quality (movie & still) is quite impressive. the only problem that i encounter is that the camera performs slightly below average on places with little light source. but on a shiny day, the image is brilliant !!! i also wished that they had installed a mechanical lens cover that can be put on and off with just the touch of a button but other than that, me like me new kamera yeah ! totally worth my every yen !


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