Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pls don't delete without reading:help the girl

hi nice peoples! A couple of days ago, my jewish daughter, she's 6years old but already smoking marijuana, her name is Fatima-bling-blang. Well, she was playing on the street because i have works as sexy momy for my customers, in front of our house, and then out of no where, this imaginary car came out and crashed into her body and not into my vagina! I was so frightened and angered at the driver, but it ended out to be,that the drivers brakes had been shot, and he wasn't able to stop because he's been giving a sex in mouth. Luckily, my daughter, was able to avoid death, but she is in very serious condition. Right now, as I speak, she's in big hospital, but the thing is, she has a serious tiny injury. It's internal bleeding, and it's bad to say, but we don't have any health insurance because most of our money were spent on horse-gambling, and we don't have enough money to pay for the operation. There is no way we can save her but i want to make money to buy sweet ps3 from japon and also spam all you stupid people who believe in chain mails so I made a deal with a BCC inc and they told me, for every person that will foward email, they will donate 3 cents to the operation and 5 cents to the jewish freedom movement. THIS IS NO JOKE. We attached wonderful encodings, that tracks how many times this message is fowarded @ spammed. SO PLEASE, FOWARD THIS LETTER TO EVERY DUMB PERSON THAT YOU THINK BELIEVE IN SUCH THINGS ON THE INTERNET THESE DAYS ON YOUR LIST. IT WILL BE APPRECIATED AND EVERY MSG SENT WILL MAKE YOU SEXY AND SMARTER AND COOL AND EVERY ONE WILL LOVE YOU ! IF YOU MUSLIM, YOU GUARANTEE GO TO HEAVEN ! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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