Wednesday, November 29, 2006


まさに予想外です。バカすごいです。5.0メガピクセルだって! the great 910SH. my brand new, too cool to be true mobile phone. you have to be an ignorant fool to NOT make the change to softbank and grab the golden plan. well calling someone an ignorant fool is excessive, but really this is the best mobile phone package in japan right now. maybe in the world ! cheap monthly fee, free talk + email, latest mobile phone tech, damn they even put free manga in my mobile phone. and this phone has a 5.0 mega pixel camera with anti-shake mechanism installed. no-brainer. this is, my friends, THE SHIT.

so friends, make the change, and let's talk and email for free.... FOREVER !!!

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anyways, i got exams next week so i really have no time to blog or even watch any good documentaries about human production anymore. good luck taufiq, good luck ali.

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