Monday, November 27, 2006

_( . . )_ my brotha, wespeckt !

i is werry eppy 'coz me bro from da embasy is givin me da green dou, but this time liek, 2 taims more dan befor ! wicked ! EffBridgy, u is me feevorite nigga! much wespeckt ! ere is da message demanding recongnizin! listen up and keep the mooney flooding in man !


Hope you are well...
This is the information about payday.
This time, we pay for two months (December 2006
and January 2007) at once.

Yen$$$,$$$ x 2 = Yen$$$,$$$

Payday is 24 November 2006.

Take care,

TBridge FBridge
Embassy of \(@)/ in Japan

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