Monday, December 04, 2006

oh noes !!!

shit, i fucked up. there is a 200000 yen worth of trouble i'm into right now. although it's 100% my fault, i just hoped that people i THOUGHT were my friends would've warn me about this earlier. i wished they'd do better than just shutting me out from important information. i guess i'm wrong about them.

i guess i AM alone. whatever. i can break what ever the fuck that comes charging at me. and i know i would not be trusting anyone to look after me, anymore. these people don't give a shit about me. but i got exams starting tomorrow so i should put this problem aside, on hold for a moment, and try to focus studying for exam. i'll deal with the 200000 yen problem when THAT is over.

although it's going to suck, i'm going to be fine.

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