Sunday, February 18, 2007

britney spears gone bald !

all right, i usually didn't care about stories concerning famous people that has no use in society what so ever but this story is too good ! america's pop princess (and like any other worthy princesses, have a cleanly shaved pussy), britney spears is officially bald just after checking out of a rehabilitation center. i have no problem with how she looks previously but her new image is, absolutely FREAKING COOL !!! i know she did it because she's a little crazy right now, or what ever, but the fact that a super idol like that, whom to certain people, were looked up on her image as a pretty face that a lot of girls wants to copy, in a world of fakeness where being pretty is a big deal; she just sent a sweet message to these fakeness that is the women's magazine's definition of beauty: FUCK YOU ALL !!!

i know people would say " aww i never look at britney and thought that it's cool and i could try to copy that " but still, to all those magazines who criticizes her looks and what she wore more than they should be criticizing what bush had done in iraq, britney just taunted at you and said: what do you have to write about this, bitches?

anyways, i like her new image and although i'll never listen to her music and read about how many calories of food she ate everyday, she's my new favorite disturbed-crazy-bald-pop star! and i think she's going to commit suicide soon. that is going to be sad.

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