Sunday, February 18, 2007

a good read about jew-palestine conflict in the eyes of a western peace activist

Anti-semite once stood for people that hate Jews.
Today anti-semite stands for people that Jews hate.

When the US first came over into the middle east, as a super power. The Americans were loved by the Arab nations. Here was a super power that wasn't imperialistic. What went wrong? And why is America so hated by many Arabs now? When thousands of Jews began to move into Palestine with the help of Great Briton and the US. (I'm just going to briefly mention a few key things, no details) You see the Jews were flocking in, in great numbers, many had been living in Palestine already, and living side by side with Palestinians - peacefully. You see Palestine has freedom of religion, they didn't care what faith the Jews have, they all lived in peace. But the Jews began to take Palestinian land and build Jewish only settlements. Obviously this led to conflicts, and eventually the 1948 war. During the 1948 war the Jews won because they were backed by the US and Great Briton, where they got a nice chunk of Palestine and Israel became a State, recognized by the world, including Palestine. But they didn't stop there.... people of the Jewish faith were coming to Palestine in great numbers... after all this is all predicted in the bible. Eventually this led to the six day war in 1967, whereas Israel now took half of Palestine. Where did all the Palestinians go? They fled in numbers to escape racial and religious persecution by the Jews. The Palestinians that were unable to flee, many are living in the worlds largest refugee camp (even today). One might think that since Israel got half of Palestine, that might have been the end of it.

Unfortunately the Israelis didn't stop there..... and have been continuing to take more and more Palestinian land... today Palestine is not really much of what it once was at all. As I'll show you in just a minute. Israel has also taken over 9,000 Palestinians hostage and lock them up in Israeli prisons, whereas many are never charged with any crimes.. and yet they sit in a prison cell, because they were born with a different skin color, and religion. Over 800 of these Palestinian prisoners in Israel, are children. You see, one of reasons the US is hated is because the US has supported Israel's continuing hostel take over and occupation of Palestine. It's Israel that has murdered thousands of Palestinians for being a different skin color. It's Israel that bulldoze Palestinian homes on land that the Palestinians own, and that has been in their family for hundreds of years. It's Israel that has taken control of 80% of the clean water in Palestine. It's Israel that cuts down the Palestinian Olive Garden Trees (oops not olive which is one of their livelihoods. It's Israel that has built a giant wall that encircles whole Palestinian territories. It's Israel that has a marshall law - police state - checkpoints all throughout Palestine.

When you hear talk of a Palestinian suicide bomber, which I do not condone. I want you to think about what would drive someone to do that... in most cases it's because the Israelis have killed most of their family, bulldozed their home, destroyed their crops, etc You see ameica is hated because of her blind support for Israel the terrorist state, Israel the aggressor. The US gives Israel 3.2 Billion Dollars a year, and all the high tech weaponry she wants, including nuclear weapons.

-by Tommy *note: i copy pasted this article from youtube.

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