Monday, February 12, 2007

watched some movies...

yeah i've been spending some time watching movies that i have downloaded recently, and gladly, a lot of those movies were actually of high quality and some of them are really, really good; A class quality. so i woke up this morning, realized that it's holiday; so i thought why don't i make a short review of each of those movies and tell you what i think about them. i hope by doing this, it would make the movie-watching experience more intimate and interesting. that sound so fucking lame. i don't know. the list is not according to any preference. it's just random but i do put my personal score at the end; well, i know it doesn't mean a thing, but just cause....

1. The Departed
wow. this movie is just brilliant. leonardo di caprio is my NEW favorite actor. what a performance. this movie is a remake of the hongkong thriller, infernal affairs and in my personal opinion, the departed >>>>>> infernal affairs without a doubt. it's basically a cat-and-mouse story about undercover agents from both side (the gangster and police department) trying to figure out each other. damn, if you love thriller movie, you have to see this. my score: 9.2

2. The Last King of Scotland
forest whitaker as the 1970 ugandan dictator is an acting genius. his character is so mind blowingly evil but he was able to put some humanity in it. i personally think that his performance in this film deserves an oscar nomination. the story is about a scottish doctor who become the personal physician of the dictator, they get very close, the scot doctor fucks the dictator's 3rd wife.... and so on. there are some boring scenes though but overall a good movie. my score: 8.0

3. Blood Diamond
once again, leonardo di caprio is an ACE! brilliant story, brilliant action, brilliant actors. every scene is interesting and i just love the small detail in each character especially the white guy (di caprio) and the black dude (djimon hounsou). stellar performance. the story took place in sierra leone when this black dude found a big diamond and the white guy wants a piece of it. well, the story is actually a lot more detailed than that with the militant, diamond smuggling, kid soldier and a heli wiping off a whole mining community but i guess you have to see the movie yourself. it's worth it, i guarantee it. my score: 8.5

4. Babel
this film is quite confusing at first, but the plot lines and the various characters introduced is interesting enough to make you want to watch this 2 and a half hour film develop it's puzzle-like storylines into one beautiful story about human communication. this film really provoked me to think about a lot of things; about love, communication and blind but sexually intrigued japanese high school girls who didn't wear panties while in a very short mini skirt. the movie tries to sew a couple of absolutely differently interesting stories into one and i suppose they could have done a better job but it's a thought provoking film, and i highly recommended it. just one thing. if you want to enjoy this film, listen, and watch carefully. my score: 8.9

5. Children of Men
wow. just wow. this has got to be my favourite action movie with the longest non-cut action sequence ever; it's just breath taking. the atmosphere is done superbly well, you just can't help but be drawn into this not to distant future world of children of men. the film asked the question: what if suddenly all of the women in the world couldn't have babies anymore? this film is going to be a cult classic. you have to see this gem. highly recommended. my score: 9.0

6. The Guardian
arr. what a mediocre movie. ashton kutcher was great in the butterfly effect but if you watch this, you would definitely think that he should just stick to that 70's show and punkt. horrible performance, mediocre story line about a rookie vs an old grumpy legend in the world of elite life rescuer. leave this film alone. not worth your time. my score: 6.0

7. Flags of Our Father
hmm.... this definitely a different touch on ww2 movies. it's a war drama movie to be exact. it's about the story of the 'famous' american flag 'bearer' in iwojima island during the battle there. in america, these 7 soldiers were put up as heroes but they themselves doesn't really like being called that because of all the horrible shit they've done and saw during the war. one of the many films that made me sit back and think about how fucked up and horrible war is. this film made me more anti-war and i would love to slit bush the bastard's throat for massacring thousands during the iraqi war. go see this film and let's devote our lives to killing every american president. my score: 8.6

8. Mission Impossible III
yeah. it's MI3. what do you expect? lots of action. cool gadget. tom cruise is, as always, cool. people get shot it the face. things got blown up. it's a very well done hollywood style action movie. grab your popcorn, put down your thinking hat and enjoy. my score: 8.4

9. Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind
wow what a weird film. but it's very good. jim carrey is still my favorite actor. this guy is just brilliant. so is kate winslet. a weird story about this company that can erase people's memories on demand. it's very fun and romantic movie actually, but still, it's very weird. and i kind a get the nice feelings when you watch romantic films, alone. i don't know. it has the same vibe as punch drunk love. what ever. i enjoyed it. my score: 8.0

10. Paradise Now
a very heavy film about a touchy subject. tells the story about two palestian dudes who wants to do suicide bombings. makes you think about a lot of things. religious belief. peace. peer pressure. courage. pretty heavy stuff. my score: 7.8

11. Pan's Labyrinth don't be fooled by the fantasy-like vibe of the film because this is a violent, grim and dark film about 'alice in wonderland' in spain during the ww2. this is truly a fantasy movie for adults being told by a little girl as the lead actor. i was a bit surprised by how good the plot lines develops and how scary it is to see someone having his mouth cut to the ears. my score: 8.4

so there you have it. me, giving my unwanted opinions. but that's the beauty of freedom speech in blogging. in think i should go get some sleep. maybe next time i'll make a short review like this about video games and software instead. hmm... i guess i' m just lonely.

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