Tuesday, March 06, 2007


oh man, at last, finals is over !!! yeah! with the last repeat paper (論理回路 - ronrikairo - circuit logic) i took this morning, finally exams is over for me, at least in nagano. you can't image how relieved i am right now. alhamdulillah. now all i have to do is to submit my thesis paper and CHILL.

tonight the communication club is going to held a farewell party for us 5th year foreign students. it's karaoke and okonomiyaki time!

i got 1 month to prepare to move to akita. i really have no plans yet but i surely am going to use and enjoy my short break efficiently! i hope.

and i also would like to update my blog with what had happened during the exam period. exams, beauty salon, farewell party, mentally disoriented junior from thailand, all you can eat strawberry fest... it all happened during this time. i'm going to take my time and write EVERYTHING... i hope.

alhamdulillah. i'm so happy. until next time!

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