Sunday, May 06, 2007

have you went (to the cinema) to see spiderman 3?

what? you haven't? don't have money? be a prostitute i don't care as long as you'd have enough money to go see this amazing movie on the big screen. it's THAT good.

this is the best action movie of the year, and thankfully it can be watched by the whole family. the action especially the aerial fighting sequences were AMAZING, you don't want to even blink for you don't want to miss even a millisecond.

there were also (good) humor and love scenes. it's good to see a nerd super hero kiss beautiful women. it makes ordinary people like me who adores spiderman from the age of 10, want to be just like him more. arr i might just missed my english grammar but you get my point right?

anyways, this time, mr spidey is duking out with junior green goblin, sandman and my long time favourite spidey enemy, venom, ALL in one movie ! that's like putting vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate, kuey teou ladna, aragaki yui, nvidia geforce 8800 gtx and an intel quad core processor in one big gift box !

so now, go see the movie ! you won't regret it! oh just one thing. i do felt like the story and character development were a bit rushed and sometimes felt like the storyline were simply tied by a spider web but hell, someone who went to see a movie based on a comic book and expect to see great story lines, is a retard.


  1. wuu relax ar.. tahun nih sure kopak nyer.. transformers, harry porter, pirate of caribbeans, resident evil, etc.

  2. and shrek the third!

  3. teenage mutant ninja turtles, kantoku banzai, die hard 4, fantastic 4 rise of the silver surfer, hitman... the list goes on and on... ahh it's a good year for moviegoers!


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