Friday, May 25, 2007

man i LOVE to rate movies!

these were my personal ratings to a bunch of movies that i watched lately. aahh i will always be a movie-lover. and i love it.

District 13 - 8.5
the chase scene were amazing! a very fun action movie. ahoy for free-running!

Smoking Aces - 8.0
good action violence. colorful characters. slow start though.

Crank - 8.2
crazy. crazy. crazy. what a fucking crazy hollywood action movie.

300 - 8.4
tonight we dine in hell !!! half naked bulky men killing lots of people with swords and spears. the visual style is amazing.

Reno 911 Miami - 9.2
the funniest movie of the year! MUST SEE!

John Tucker Must Die - 7.2
typical girl flick for teenage girls. and i watched it to the end. yeah. really.

Mercury Man - 4.0
thailand's own superhero movie. sucks. avoid at all cost.

Violent Cop - 7.5
the film that got kitano takeshi into movie-directing. not his best but still retains the 'kitano' feel.

Takeshi's - 7.9
weird kitano film. you have to be familiar with his previous works to get it.

Letter From Iwo Jima - 9.0
a filming masterpiece. you have to see this film before you die. or not. but you really should. this must be the most thought provoking war film i have ever seen.

Pursuit of Happyness - 8.9
it made me shed tears during the ending. period.

The Longest Yard - 8.0
typical adam sandler comedy flick. makes you feel happy inside.

The Grudge 2 - 7.2
not as scary as jangan pandang belakang but the story was interesting and quite an entertaining movie.

Beautiful Boxer - 8.2
imho the best movie made from thailand. a true story of a
male transvestite who became a muay thai boxing champion.

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