Tuesday, May 22, 2007

my dieting program

aragaki yui pokki cm
- i would only eat ONCE a day, no dinner just lunch
- no meat
- no carbonated drinks, ONLY milk and sterilized water
- 100 sit ups
- 100 push ups
- 200 weight lifts

the main question is, and this is all that matters: how long can i last?

and oh, it's been 2 weeks already and i'm still fine.
*if you're wondering, that's aragaki yui up there, doing what she's good at.


  1. 100 sit, 100 push.. 200.. everyday?

    you must have some kind of super-healing-kyuubi-in-stomach power like naruto..

    p/s: bro.. ko fetish dengan awek jepon name yui ke? :))

  2. hoho i guess you're right. about every point hehe.


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