Thursday, June 14, 2007

amazing british kid with an angelic voice

just watch the video.


  1. i believe she did kylie's over the rainbow not dorothy's.

  2. cAnAz1:15 AM

    omg..gasping in awe..suara dia sgt kiut la..

  3. hey...kau ni...spend a lot of time dekat youtube eh? i baru je tengok rancangan ni dekat tv, tapi kau yang dekat jepun dah tau pasal budak ni!

    yeah, she gave us goosebumps!


    aku pon tak pernah perm rambut!!!!!!!! mana aci!!!

  4. aah... watching her mother backstage caused puddles in my eyes.

  5. khyrel:
    dude does it matter? connie talbot is better that both of them!

    yeah. 感動された!これこそ才能(talent)というものだ!

    wait a minute, you DON'T spend a lot of time on youtube? are we really in the same generation? hehe. this english kid is brilliant! compare this to those akademi fantasia bullshit. ha? tak penah perm rambut? tak vogue la! --> canaz yg ajar aku perkataan 'vogue' tu hehe.

    why would you want to watch a middle aged overweight women trembling with nervousness when you have connie talbot singing on stage?

  6. yerp... because that middle aged overweight women who trembles with nervousness is connie talbot's mother... so I think a mother's love and concern are more beautiful than connie talbot's voice ~ =)

  7. *leaves ophy emotionally moved to the point of breaking a tear watching concerned mothers do what they do everyday that is to be concerned about everything which should not be taken for granted; while i search for more amusing videos done by kids in youtube. and of course, amateur street fighting videos are nice too

  8. cute giler.. love to hear thier British accents

    dude! thanks fer sharing! arrr!!

  9. my pleasure, don't have to mention it !


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