Wednesday, June 27, 2007

another movie review!

although i'm dead busy right now, i'm still able to find some time to watch movies. at least 2 movies a week. here goes. my movie ratings !!! whatever.

Sicko - 9.0
Micheal Moore is a really talented documentary director. this is a very mind-opening documentary about how fucked up is insurance and heath care in the USA.

Ghost of Abu Ghraib - 8.8
A truly shocking documentary about what really happened at the famous American torture camp in Iraq; Abu Ghraib. One word: COVER UP. highly recommended if you want to hate America more hehehe. but really, some really fucked up shit happened there and the higher ranked people did everything to cover their ass.

States Evidence - 8.7
A story about a high school kid who plans to kill himself on camera. he decided to record his life on camera and say goodbye to his friends at school just before he commit suicide and the plot just got better and better until the finale. Really good pacing, terrific subject matter and the climax scenes were absolutely mind blowing. Low-budget films at it's best.

Shooter - 8.0
A fun hollywood action movie about a sniper who got framed by the US government. Mark Wahlberg. explosions. lots of people died in those explosions. do i need to say more?

The Banquet - 8.4
another good, epic chinese movie set during the era when chinese emperors have long tiny mustaches and every one who learn kungfu can fly. Zhang Zi Yi !!! Naked !!!

Reign Over Me - 8.5
Adam Sandler. NOT a comedy movie. there were some dark humors thrown in but the movie is really something that i didn't think Adam Sandler is capable of doing, but he did it. it was brilliant. a film about a guy who fell into the hole of deep depression when his wife and kids got killed during the 9/11 incident.

Wet Hot American Summer - 8.0
Surprisingly funny. A good parody film about teen movie during the 80's. people from the 80's were so cool !

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