Wednesday, June 06, 2007

first exam in akita

i took my very first paper (in akita) today and well, i have to say, wawaweewa i fucked up pretty badly. like always. what an excellent way to start things off ain't it? * the subject of the paper was biomechanism and solid mechanics (固体力学).

i always FOUND my own way out of a fucked up situation before, countless of times, but i think this time around, it won't be as easy as before.

ah well. fuck it. i have to study for next paper.

anyways, this morning i saw the news on tv about paris hilton going to jail. good for her. maybe that would reduce the random cock suckings. ah, i didn't know that she's known here in japan. here the japanese called her a celebrity princess. wow.

p/s: the image below was just random and does not relate to anything written in todays' post. just feel the horrible pain.

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