Wednesday, June 20, 2007

kepada kawan2 perempuan ku yang suka lawak lucah

friendster. it's full of it. i'm talking about the increase of sex stories/jokes posted of the sites bulletin boards, mainly by my female friends. ok i know that even the most innocent girls have a dirty mind, but why show it? it just doesn't feel right. i do believe that it is their right to post these sex jokes but why can't they just leave the job to the many male-perverts out there?

i know even the most innocent girls talk about sexual fantasies with their female-friends but i don't think sharing that same story with your whole ex-schoolmates in a famous social-website is a lady-like behavior. you might say " hey it's our right to say what ever the fuck we want, just like every other male so fuck off, it's girls power, hail feminism and gender equality! ". yeah you're absolutely right. gender equality is awesome but that does not mean you have to disgust me with your tasteless sex jokes.

female muslim perverts is NOT cool. it may turn someone on, but surely not me. if you just can't stand it and you think you MUST post these sex-jokes on the internet, why don't you just post it in your blog? your friendster blog. it's free. and not as intrusive as the bulletin board.

and one more thing. just stop filling the bulletin board with messages telling you that if you don't forward it, your account would be deleted. how many years have you been using the internet to not know that these are really the basic methods to spread chain mail?

but i thank GOD that these people are not so many out there. but thanks to them, they teach me that not all girls are sweet, nice and fluffy.

-end of my stupid rant-

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