Friday, June 22, 2007

super adjectives in kelantanese dialect

after my last post, i suddenly become aware of how awesome the kelantenese dialect is! although i was born, raised and lived in kelantan the first 15 years of my life, the dialect still never failed to impress me again and again with it's complicated grammatical structures and pronunciations; not to mention the different kinds of intonations available to produce different kinds of emotions and feelings.

so, today's post is about super-adjectives in the dialect. wait a minute, are these called super-adjectives? i don't know. i'm kelantanese. our english were supposed to be bad.

pahit LLEPE
tawar EBER
putih SSUEH
hite LLEGE
biru KKETU
kuning NNEHE
comel LLOTE
gemuk DDEBOK
busuk BANGA
hapok KOHONG
nnakut/penakut apah
cerhoh/cerah jheriloh
jatuh celabok
kuca hanya

to those who are planning to marry a kelantanese, it would be very helpful to know the basics. you might get more bargaining power when shopping in kelantan with the right use of dialect ;)

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