Thursday, July 19, 2007

i don't know why i like to review movies

the day the earth stood still - 7.9
classic black and white movie. this movie was shot just right after world war 2 ended (around 1951), presenting a simple story but with a strong message to humans about our hostile ways of doing things that are hurting the planet earth. it made me think about how foolish we humans really are, killing each other in unnecessary wars. this would be a great educational movie for kids, and adults. ancient movie technology with good world^peace message.

gohatto - 8.0
a tale of a pretty boy (and the gayness he brought out of samurais) during the japanese shinsen gumi era. a very interesting movie with brilliant subtle comedy woven together with violence and drama. interesting subject matter.

the sentinel - 7.0
another generic hollywood movie about a federal agent being framed by his own men. nothing new to see here.

1408 - 7.5
a not-so-bad scary movie starring john cusack and samuel l jackson. the idea and execution of the entire movie is quite good, and john cusack did good in this one. but for a horror fan like myself, this movie is not scary at all. still, it's not that bad.

revolver - 7.4
another cool action flick starring jason statham. the story and action sequence was just cool but sometimes i got confused with the plot lines. in the end i ended up enjoying the movie while being lost about what the story is about. not a very good thing.

die hard 4.0 aka live free or die hard - 8.6
seen this at the cinema. this is what i call a good old fashioned hollywood action movie ! bruce willis kicks serious ass ! he blow shit up, say lame jokes, escape from death a couple of times and did it all with serious coolness. absolutelty action packed with the best element of a good action movie you'd expect from a movie baring the 'die hard' title. definitely recommended for action film fans !

even money - 8.8
the best film that i saw this month. excellent performance by class A actors like kim basinger, danny devito, tim roth, ray liotta and forest whitaker (this guy is an acting genius !). very, very good story with interesting twists and turns that takes you to the edge of your seat the whole way through. if you like movies with great story, this is a MUST WATCH. hollywood have not failed me.

dolls - 6.5
another weird movie by kitano takeshi. i don't like this movie at all because at the end i felt like i've wasted my time watching the characters develop nothing throughout the whole movie. definitely kitano's worst film, and this is coming from a diehard kitano fan.

baise moi aka fuck me - 8.2
a french movie starred by porn stars. if you think this is going to be a cheezy, shallow movie with sleazy sex jokes, you're dead wrong. this is one of the best french movie i've seen. this is a very violent movie (plus violent sex: rape scenes) and it handled the subject matter with such brutality and truthfulness that it made other violent film looks like they've been made by barney the gay purple dinasour. highly recommended if you could handle the ruthlessness of adult reality.

100 girls - 7.5
a surprisingly good and well written teen flick. the writers who wrote the lines in the film must be a genius ! this is like american pie with brains. witty and fun.

stay alive - 7.2
a horror film about people getting killed by video games. lame setting but the scare tactics worked sometimes, at least for me. the first half of the film was interesting, but when it introduced the 'ghost' of the movie, it started to go downhill from there.

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