Sunday, July 22, 2007

shanghai bank maskot

out of all the words that exists in this world that could be used to name cute maskots and furry animals with, why do they have to choose this name? check out the video below:


  1. haha, aku tau psl ni berzaman dh dude. kt blog kennysia. gila bododh. kompeni ni xleh berjaya jt malaysia mcm ni. ekekekekeke.

  2. hahaha..camne la ko boley jumpe video ini...hahaha

  3. this is the kind of video that you could find when you randomly watch videos from youtube. masa aku first time tgk video ni, rasa mcam nak tersembur aje air kopi yg aku tgh minum. 衝撃的な映像ですね。


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