Tuesday, August 14, 2007

it's freaking HOT in japan right now !!!

gay summer hot
this year's summer has got to be the hottest one ever ! it's freaking 35℃ in akita; and thank god i didn't live in tokyo, it's almost 40℃ there ! i was thinking about going to tokyo this week but i just cancelled all my travel plans because everywhere in japan it's too freaking hot to have fun ! i've decided to spend my holiday in the comfort of my own room, alone, without the contact of the sun, or the human race, writing senseless blogs and editing worthless videos to be put of youtube. i also plan to read more about current issues; global, local and malaysian issues. did you know the japanese politics world is so fucked up right now with abe (the loser japanese prime minister, bring back the great lion koizumi !!!) losing the upper house polls; for the first time in japanese politic history, the opposition won !

they said on the telly that it's because of the global warming (地球温暖化) slowly kicking up it's effects. damn you global warming, are you going to bring the end to this world ?

i remember my second year in japan, when i was having my first snow in nagano, it snowed so much that it accumulated to my waist ! it was definitely a cool experience and fun too ! then the year after, i was excited to have that same degree of snow-awesomeness, just to be stabbed in the back by my own over expectations when it went the path of disappointment; the accumulated snow doesn't even reach my ankle! the the year after, it doesn't even accumulate at all ! damn this world is going to hell ! and she's bringing us along.

it's freaking hot in here, i can't think straight. i would choose spring over riko tachibana in a nurse cosplay on my bed right now. wait a minute... let me think about that for a second... emm... ahh... ok. give me spring or autumn. i can't stand the HEAT !


  1. dah summer? go to beach bro ^_^ show them some malay skin :))

    riko tachibana.. erm.. i heard that name before.. where eh? nurse cosplay.. me want one too ^_^

  2. going to the beach is a MUST, of course ! don't want to miss that :).

    riko tachibana? try to search that name in your favourite public torrent tracker. you'd understand how awesome her carier is.

  3. aku kan innocent bro ^_^ bwahahahaha..

  4. what i meant is awesome career, not carier. sorry for the typo. i always do that.

    no human male is innocent bro hahaha. i know hahaha.


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