Monday, August 06, 2007

movies movies movies !

more random movie reviews from me! this time it's a mix of new and old movies, across many genres and medium.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle - 7.6
the teenage mutant ninja turtle were my heroes when i was a kid, so you can't imagine how excited i am when i heard about this 3d animation movie. although the funny and cool turtles that i knew was toned down a bit, the action sequence is done quite nicely and they still kicks ass. definitely a must watch if you used to wish that you'd be a mutated ninja turtles.

Ong-Bak - 8.5
tony jaa is amazing. tony jaa is amazing. tony jaa is amazing. ok, that might sound gay but really, this guy breath new life to the dying hardcore martial arts flick with this action packed movie. the stunts were all done without any safety harness, video speed alteration or a sane mind. an amazing action movie from thailand. one more thing though. the story sucks. but that is forgiven because the fighting and chase scenes were executed flawlessly; makes you say wow aah uuh every 3 seconds. have i said that tony jaa is amazing?

Tom Yum Goong - 7.2
tony jaa is still amazing in this movie after ong-bak. it's just that it borrowed too much from ong-bak. the story still sucks but the action sequence is still top notch. a must watch IF you liked ong-bak.

Ichi Koroshiya (Ichi The Killer) - 8.2
the japanese film maker takashi miike must be a perverted sick man. and i love this guy. this movie must be the goriest action film i have ever seen. not recommended to people with a weak stomach. if you can handle gory and extreme violence towards criminals and woman, this is a MUST WATCH. miike's brilliant use of shocking violent sequences to advance this interesting yakuza-themed movie is just amazing. a VERY weird but good japanese movie.

時をかける少女 (toki wo kakeru shoujyo) - 8.0
the english translation for this movie : The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. that should give you an idea of what the story is about. the story is told in a very light hearted way and you really felt attached to the main character, makoto and her friends at the end of the movie. the art design were beautifully drawn and reminds you that 2d animation is here to stay, for a very, very long time. time paradox plot holes aside, this is a nice anime movie; recommended for anime fans.

Hotel Rwanda - 8.5
inspired by a true genocide in rwanda, this movie really knows how to grab your attention and hold it there through the very end. makes you think about how foolish racism is. how can humans hate each other so much just because they're not from the same group? right now the exact same thing depicted in the movie is actually happening in darfur, and it is so sad that all i can do is write this review of an old movie. must watch for every one.

Tokyo Godfather - 8.4
who would expect the weird combination of 3 tokyo homeless people : a runway-from-home girl, an alcoholic ossan and a gay made a great movie? set in a backdrop that any ordinary japanese would try to not talk about that is the homeless people in tokyo, the fate of 3 people were tremendously changed when they accidentally found a baby in a trash dumping place. their adventure to find the baby's mother were filled with (sometimes too handy) coincidences and plot twists that made the film a thrill to watch. watch this if you like anime.

Van Wilder - 6.0
after american pie, everyone wants to make films about teenagers and sex jokes. this is one of them. although there were some really funny moments especially with the nerd indian virgin, there's just not enough to make a good comedy film. pass this.

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory - 5.0
tim burton working together with jonny depp sounds interesting right? not until johnny depp made his first appereance as willie wonka right in the middle of the film. this movie sucks. even if i was a kid, i'd hate this movie. no story, no narrative, no content. stay away from this film.


  1. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory = saiko siot..

    make me headache @_@

  2. haha. the movie simply sucks.


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