Sunday, August 05, 2007

to tinystar316: please let me respond to your msg!

hi tinystar316 thanks for responding. first, i want you to know that i'm not japanese, korean or chinese; but that does not i mean i don't understand the 'hatred-issues' these countries had with each other.

first, it would be VERY helpful if you could give me the link to the video that you said i commented; because i want to know to what exactly you're trying to respond here. or you could just copy and paste what i wrote that made you want to msg me and 'educate' me about a thing that i already know.

you said you hate anti-china japanese. but do you think the japanese like anti-japan chinese? when someone did the same thing to you, you'd hate them? so do you hate yourself then?

i have been living in japan these past 4 years and i must say, i have never met a japanese that blatantly would say bad things about the chinese or the koreans.; in fact i think the japanese does not even care about the chinese and koreans. the japanese only think about themselves. they don't hate china, they just don't give a damn. unfortunately for the chinese, that is not fun because if the japanese don't care about them, then how the hell could the prove that the chinese is better than the japanese?

yes, i know you are going to deny this, but chinese and korean DO felt inferior to the japanese in a lot areas; especially in economic growth, freedom of speech and of course the 'cool culture'. they hated this fact so they must find something to level things up. thus the war is chosen as a weapon to degrade the whole japanese race. the problem is, although the chinese and koreans paid a lot of attention about what the japanese do or say concerning the war, the japanese just don't care about what the chinese and koreans think, and this makes them mad because that means they can't degrade the japanese anymore if they don't know history. the japanese is so ignorant and didn't care about anybody else and all they want is to live happily in their small, crampy country without having to feel bad about all the horrible things that their ancestors did.

i know in an environment that encourages patriotism and government obeying that is china, of course the government would a lot of attention to educate it's children about history, and like any other country in the world, the information given is surely in favor of their own country. i knew enough chinese to say that they really think that they're always right and everyone should do what ever they say.

i know ( and the whole world too, including the japanese, if you don't realize ) that the imperial japanese army did horrible things during the war. every japanese acknowledged this; but our generation (i'm 23) has nothing to do with the war. i know the chinese and koreans hated the fact that the japanese is still better than them, but why can't we just accept the fact, move on, work harder to beat everybody else, and live happily with harmony intact?

anyways, i think chinese should stop pirating japanese goods if they really want to be better than the japanese. is it just like eating your own spit; you said someone is bad, but you copy their work.


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