Saturday, September 22, 2007

i'm afraid of the internet

it's ramadhan and every muslim around the world are trying to make best use of the time to harvest the special benefits we could get from the holy month. we don't want to associate ourselves with even the slightest brush of evil and sin; so that we can gain full rewards from fasting at the end of each day. simply put, this is the month in which i want to be as good as the best muslim could be, and refrain myself from all of the not-so-islamic things the world has to offer. you know. things like skinny and unhealthy looking, blond pan-asian models on g strings trying to promote a body spray for men.

but i have a problem.

i also like to use the internet.

and the internet is full of softcore porn. and skinny models in tight bikinis.

never in my entire life that i felt disgusted with the way advertisers use scantly clad women to gain attention from their future costumers. i mean, come on. why? why is the internet is full of porn? i went to youtube, i see porn. i went on the news site, i see porn. i went to an educational site, i see animal porn; what is all about this excessive amount of porn that were shoven onto our faces, every day?

the internet has really become an unfriendly territory for good muslims with good intentions. there for, for the sake of ramadhan, i'm going to take a break from the internet and go old school. i'm reading the news papers!

*goes downstairs to read the news paper.


my god, the news papers were also infected by PORN ! oh i forget. i'm reading a japanese news paper. you can't separate japan with porn. so i move on to read an english news paper. it's JAPAN TIMES. which is better because the amount of flesh bearing is at the minimum.

now i can relax. for now. and i don't want to talk about japanese tv programs. scary place for a muslim guy.

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