Sunday, September 23, 2007

is it not nice?

is it not nice to reject one's friend request (from friendster or other social networking sites) just because she's not attractive to you? is it THAT terrible? i mean i don't know them. they don't send me any message introducing themselves. in fact, i feel that it is kinda rude to just send a friend request to someone you don't know without first introducing yourself beforehand.

is it shallow thinking? is it shallow to think that you don't want to have any association or link with this girl that you know nothing about just because she's not so attractive to you?

but was man not entitled to the freedom to choose the healthiest from the pack? i know their intentions were friendly and nothing more than that, but i just don't like an empty-shelled relationship. i rather have only one friend that i know rather than millions that i don't know. simple as that.

anyways, tomorrow i'm going to attend this week-long seminar about history and technology. damn i HATE history ! i'm not sure if i want to sit on this seminar the whole way through.

and oh, my new digital dictionary has arrived! fast delivery from as always. the cool thing about this new dictionary is that now i can input difficult-to-read kanjis directly just by writing it on the panel using a stylus! i really hope that this new function could help me save a lot of time when searching for a kanji that i don't know about. thank you japan for new, cheap technology !

image: the sharp papyrus pw-lt300

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