Tuesday, September 25, 2007

my pc-gaming progression

I got so many games in my computer right now; I really don’t know which one to play. I’m trying to finish and play all these games but time is not always on my side. This is a simple post about my current gaming progressions. And not counting the xbox games.

Tomb Raider Anniversary - right now on second level. The game is fun, just like Legends. Lara Croft is awesome!

Full Spectrum Warrior Ten Hammers - I think I’m almost at the end. Very hard game but it’s just too cool to resist.

Need For Speed Carbon – 60% completion. Nice cars, a lot of race modes, simply fun. And oh not forgetting the cheesy FMVs. (Full motion video).

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 – the best soccer game out there. No end to this great game. Enough said.

Elder Scrolls Oblivion – Finished the main quest a long time ago and now trying to finish all the faction and guild quests; including the Shivering Isles expansion pack quests. HUGE game.

Bioshock – I’m not sure but I think I’m like 30% finished. This game is awesome. Might be the best FPS for 2007. Great storylines, nice pacing, awesome battles using plasmids and modified weaponry! Big Dadies and Little Sisters !!!

Company of Heroes – Almost finished. Cool RTS with new gameplay mechanics. No more chopping wood and harvesting gold for resources! Difficulty is really hard at first but when you GET it, it’s a BLAST.

Resident Evil 4 – Finished the main quest. Now playing the Separate Ways and Ada Missions. Good game, but I think this game is kinda over-rated. Not scary at all! Can’t wait for RE5 on the 360!

Overlord – Very early into the game. Just got my first fire minions. Wicked british comedy and the ability to control crazy minions is what so fun about this game.

Colin McRae DiRT – 45% completed. This game is gorgeous! Man I love rally! The best rally game I’ve ever played.

Geometry Wars – Kinda cool, but freaking hard! Never going to finish this one.

Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars – Almost finished playing the GDI campaign. I was quite surprised at how ‘samey’ the gameplay feels with past C&Cs.

Unreal Tournament 2004 – Crazy FPS fun! I will never give up playing this. Well, maybe after Unreal Tournament 3 comes out, that is.

Fifa 08 – I just played like 2-3 matches. Not so bad. PES6 is still better though.

Madden 08 – Err… I don’t understand American Rugby (yeah I won’t call it football!) but the game is quite fun, surprisingly. American Rugby hahaha.

Valve Games – Finished Half Life 2, HL2 Episode One, SiN. Can’t wait for Orange Box that contains HL2 Episode 2, Team Fortress 2 (!!!) and Portal. The Half Life series never disappoints me.

World in Conflict – Just finished mission no. 4. New way to play an action RTS. Unlike other RTS, this game is always giving you non stop action to deal with. Surprisingly easy though. Cool explosions!

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas – Finished the single player campaign, a couple of time. Such an awesome FPS. The cover mechanic is revolutionary! Makes me want every other FPS in the future to incorporate this system!

STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl – Finished the game with a bad ending. Innovative and ambitious sand-box FPS. Quite scary too.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas – Had this game installed a LONG time ago but I just can’t past a couple of HARD missions. Still a good game though. I’m considering using cheats to advance into the game. Damn, I hate to use cheats, but I just have to finish this game! Can’t wait for GTAIV for the 360 !

Sam & Max Season 1 – Just started playing. Funny adventure game! Point and click still lives on!

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