Sunday, September 02, 2007


today i went to odaiba for the fuji television networks taibouken (大冒険 - big adventure?) summer festival. there were thousands of people, making it hard to look at every event and to enjoy myself. you have to line up for hours to be able to go anywhere. it was a disaster. after the tiring day, i went to shinbashi, the place famous for being the most salaryman-populated city in tokyo. i don't know why would i go there and watch salaryman in their habitat. i just did. being a salaryman dominated place, shops for hentai yarou is inevitable. it's 9:00 p.m. and already the fuuzoku houses started to pull costumers. " do you want to have good fun with a japanese girl? i give you special price! " he said in perfect english. i pulled my sleeves up, increase the speed of my walking while trying to avoid a bunch of drunk salaryman singing on the streets. you also have to be careful not to step on their puke, or worse, the unconscious bodies of the golden age of the working society of japan lying on the floor. it's only 10:00 p.m. ! it's not even friday!


Sumolah: 7.8

The latest film from the Malaysian director/comedian Afdlin Shauki about a loser malay guy getting his second chance to change himself and be better when he accidentally become an employee of the Boleh Sushi restaurant. I believe that this must be afdlin’s best movie yet. This is a comedy movie and he definitely delivers his own style of humour and originality. A very easy movie to watch and does not require critical thinking which is a good thing.

Mukhsin: 7.0

I was very excited to see this film when I heard it won awards from a famous movie festival of which I have forgotten its name; but it does not matter because the reality is that this movie is not THAT good, at least for me. The story evolves around this tomboyish malay kampong girl and her new found friend mukhsin. They spent a lot of their time playing together, doing what we would expect any kampong children would do. A movie about first love story. The best part about yasmin ahmad’s movies (sepet, gubra etc.) are when you finished watching it, the movie finds a way to stick on your mind and lingers around for a while for you to think about the messages and hidden metaphors the director wants to tell. After watching mukhsin, my mind went numb with disappointment and I cant help but think that I have wasted my time. There were no strong messages or themes to be found here that it makes you felt lost in a mess of emptiness; although the strong family value IS everywhere. Yasmin ahmads camera angle still sucks like an amateur but her brilliant sense of humour is still intact; enough to make me want to finish watching. A bit artsy, slow paced malay movie with some brilliant humour. A love it or hate it movie. Im sad that Im not with the former.

Hard Rain – 8.3

A not so new Hollywood action movie about a town that got flooded. A bunch of criminals grab this opportunity to make some money and the rest is just what you would expect from an action film like this. The characters were interesting, the plot lines were easy to follow and it got some really interesting action sequences on water. Grab your pop corn bucket and watch. A simple movie for the masses.

Transformers – 8.6

Went to see this on the cinema, and it’s worth my every yen. Im a BIG transformers fan when I was a child and I was a bit disappointed when I first saw the trailer of the movie showing a new revised version of optimus prime because it does not look like the prime who I loved when I was a child but when the giant robot made his first prime appearance on the big screen, I dont care anymore because no matter how different he looks now, optimus prime is still SO FUCKING COOL! I dont need to touch about the story lines because really, who cares? The action sequences blows my fucking mind! There were so many things that were happening on screen that makes you want to watch it again and again so that you dont want to miss a single thing. Blinking while watching is almost like a sin because its so fast and damn good. To all the guys who were born during the 80s and grown up playing with cool robots that could transform into vehicles, watch this movie!!!. Its freaking awesome!

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