Wednesday, September 05, 2007


today i went to ueno. this is the place if you want to go shopping. so shop i did. i bought a new spectacle and also a new pair of jogging shoes: nike free 7.0. this shoe is light as it is cool. great buy. after feeling tired of shopping, i went to this japanese restaurant and ordered the meal of the day: araisodon (first picture) for 980yen. cheap, colorful and absolutely delicious! after that i went to shinagawa just to see what kind of city it is because i've never been there. not so bad. and before hopping onto the train home, i ate udon with unagidon at an old udon house just near the shinagawa train station. good. i also took a video of me eating it and plan to upload it soon.


Fantastic Four: The Rise of The Silver Surfer – 6.0

Silver Surfer is THE most powerful character in marvel comics (well, if you count Phoenix out) so this must be an awesome movie right? WRONG! The story is all over the place and what disappoint me most are the bland and boring action sequences. An action movie depends on the ACTION part, so it that department fails, nothing could save it. Watch this ONLY IF you are really, really into comic book movies.

Offside – 7.0

This Iranian film took a brave stance to portray the foolish reality of the Islamic regime’s laws about women entering stadiums. The idea was great, but the execution could be better. With that said, it is still a good movie to watch on a peaceful afternoon.

Why We Fight – 8.5

A thought provoking documentary discussing the very questions that should be asked by all good Americans: why we fight in the wars? A must watch. Highly recommended.

28 Weeks Later – 8.2

I’m a horror movie fan and this is a good horror movie. So after watching this movie, I have turned into a satisfied and happy horror movie fan. Ahh I so want to be killed by zombies so that I could turn into one and eat other people’s brains. Oh yeah!

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