Sunday, October 28, 2007

What Is A Terrorist?

by Jeff Cohen

ter·ror·ist (ter'er-ist) n.

1. One who engages in acts or an act of terrorism.

2. One who leads an armed group that kills civilians as a means of political intimidation -- unless he terrorizes Haitians while on the CIA-payroll, as did 1990s death squad leader Emmanuel Constant, in which case the U.S. refuses to extradite him to Haiti, even after Sept. 11, 2001.

3. One who targets civilian airliners and ships -- unless he blows up a Cuban civilian airliner, killing 73 people, and fires at a Polish freighter, like Orlando Bosch, in which case he is coddled and paroled by the Bush Justice Department in 1990, and his extradition is blocked.

4. One who leads a group that engages in kidnapping and murder -- unless the victims are Hondurans attacked by CIA-backed death squad Battalion 316, in which case Battalion architect Gustavo Alvarez becomes a Pentagon consultant, while the then-ambassador to Honduras who downplayed the terror, John Negroponte, is appointed U.S. ambassador to the United Nations days after Sept. 11.

5. One who uses rape and murder for political purposes -- unless the victims are four U.S. church women sexually assaulted and killed in 1980 by members of El Salvador’s U.S.-backed military, in which case excuses and distortions pour forth from then-U.N. Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick (“these nuns were not just nuns; they were also political activists”) and Secretary of State Al Haig (the nuns “may have tried to run a roadblock”).

6. One who designates civilians as “soft targets” to be attacked in the cause of political transformation -- unless the targets are Nicaraguans killed by Contra guerrillas armed and directed by the U.S who, according to Human Rights Watch, “systematically engage in violent abuses…so prevalent that these may be said to be their principal means of waging war.”

7. One who facilitates a massacre of civilians -- unless the victims are 900 Palestinians shot and hacked to death in the Sabra and Shatila camps by Lebanese Christian militia as Israeli soldiers stood guard, in which case Israel’s then-Defense Minster (now Prime Minister) Ariel Sharon remains a U.S. “War on Terrorism” ally after being censured as indirectly responsible for the massacre by an Israeli commission of inquiry.

Friday, October 26, 2007


test test test

Thursday, October 25, 2007

japanese jehovah's witness missionaries don't like me no more

not long ago, i wrote about my encounter with two japanese jehovah messiah missionaries and the little chat we had together. the chat was very friendly, part serious, part provocative but always interesting and weird because at some part, it was obvious that i have more knowledge about christianity than them; and i was teaching them the history of christianity while wearing my pajamas on a cold spring morning.

it seemed like the morning coldness had awoken my precious little brother from it's sleep; and it keeps popping up, hard and healthy. so i had to try very hard to cover my stubborn little brother while trying to talk about religion. hard work because they don't usually get along with each other very well.

anyways, after the long conversation, and realizing that their mission has failed because it seemed like it was me who was talking all the time, the left me alone, and never to return with their holy missions.

since then, we randomly crossed path with each other on the streets several times. what i don't understand is that whenever i tried to say hello to them when we randomly met on the streets, they seemed to try to avoid me. they always pretended to NOT see me. why would a jehovah's witness be scared of a muslim like me? am i the evil demon that could sway them away from their belief and jesus? if they think that way, COOL !!!

at first, i thought they kinda liked me or something because i'm the only foreign student who responds to them. all the other students just shut their doors and went back to sleep.

it was my mistake. i forgot that they are japanese first and jehovah messiah second. their good treatment during our first conversations was just a 建前(tatemae - personality mask you put to make good image of yourselves). their 本音(honne - the real personality, thoughts) is absolutely the opposite. i don't think they like me! like, at all!

so today, i saw the other female missionary with her new apprentice waiting in a green toyota march parked in front of the foreign student's dormitory. being the friendly guy that i am, i thought to myself: yeah they tried to avoid me but what if i force a friendly hello on them and see their reaction? that would be fun!

so i approached their car, slowly, and smiling. the two missionaries who were talking (maybe practicing preaching) suddenly stopped doing whatever they're doing, and looked down like they're trying to NOT notice me coming towards them. i stopped exactly 1 meters from their car, and stood there for a minute or two, waiting for them to lift up their faces so that i could say HELLO! i waited and waited while watching these two adult female curl in fear of having to talk to me. i felt like darth vader looking at a weak obi-wan kenobi sitting beside a baby luke skywalker. it's awesome to be an evil demon!

it took them 3 minutes to notice me standing there. as soon as i saw their faces, i smiled wider and waved my hand, saying konnichiwa. they gave me this 'troubled' smile back. i got what i wanted, a fake smile, so i left them with another fake smile.

man i can't wait to go to a japanese jehovah witness church and scare the shit out of them! being evil in front of religious people is so very COOL !!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

fuck bush t shirt

with bush the war criminal of our time threatening a fucking world war 3 on the middle east, i have a great urge to find and wear a 'fuck bush' t shirt. unfortunately i live in japan and young people of japan does not give a fuck about the world news; thus the lack of anti american t shirt on their apparel store. although my reasoning is poor, i still want my fuck bush t shirt.

can anybody help? i mean help by buying me an awesome fuck bush t shirt, wrapping it up in a fancy paper, and sending it to me - kind of help? i'll be more than happy to pay for all the expenses, and i'll pay you for the trouble!

fuck bush yeah !!!

ps: i'm not anti-american. in fact, i LOVE americans! they're cool and easy going, not like the aussies, brits and singaporeans. i just think their president is a war criminal, an evil man with too much power in his dirty hands. fuck bush. fuck the us army. i wish someone made a fucking big crater out of the us army. and yeah. fuck the terrorist. and aa... fuck... aaa... cheese?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

no time to review movies !

Blue Spring - 8.2
Shocking, brutal and interesting movie about bad japanese high school students.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels - 8.5
The film that put Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie on the map of movie making business. Awesome characters, great story lines, funny and the action scenes were great. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix - 8.0
Finally, a Harry Potter movie (including the first one) that does not suck! I like the darker atmosphere in this movie compared to other HP movies.

Shrek The Third - 8.5
What you would expect from a shrek movie. Extremely funny, unexpected storylines, brilliant dialogs, unprecedented animations and all the subtle touch make this film GREAT ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

The Aristocrats - 5.0
a documentary about a legendarily disgusting joke. The joke was not so bad, but this movie is boring. Avoid this movie.

Night Watch - 7.8
Might be the best russian movie I have ever watched. CGI effect were amazing. Story was quite confusing but it was interesting enough to keep your attention.

Retribution - 6.0
A japanese scary movie that failed to do what it was supposed to do: scare me. Just pass this.

R-Point - 8.4
Another great movie from Korea. Vietnam War + Horror. Good combination.

The Insurgent - 8.0
Another good low-budget movie. Ending was awesome.

Malcolm X - 8.5
Although there were parts that was a drag, this film is awesome! A good film about a great man. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Black Sheep - 5.0
Crap movie from New Zealand. Who would thought that a movie about zombie sheeps would suck? Not funny. Not scary. Avoid this film.

The Yes Men - 7.0
A really weird documentary about some guys who pretended to be the WTO; and in the same time succeeded to show how ridiculous the organization is.

Family Guy Star Wars - 8.5
It's Family Guy doing Star Wars !!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Robot Chicken Start Wars - 8.5
It's Robot Chicken doing Star Wars !!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

In Hell - 6.0
Van Damme. Boring movie.

Suspect Zero - 7.8
starts off slowly but the build up was awesome. Good story, well done ending.

Closer (HD DVD)- 8.5
holy shit this movie is good. watching natalie portman in a glittering thong in full high definition is awesome !!! amazing performance by Clive Owen, Jude Law, Julia Roberts and of course the lovely natalie portman. dialog was extremely GOOD! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Bad Reputation - 6.0
a meh low budget movie. the concept and story was good, but the execution was a bit too amateurish.

The Lookout - 8.3
very interesting story. amazing performance by joseph gordon-levitt.RECOMMENDED.

36 - 8.4
another great french movie! great story lines, great action sequences and satisfying ending. RECOMMENDED.

Bambi Meets Godzilla - 8.0
short, sweet and evolutionary at the time of it's release. RECOMMENDED.

Next - 7.5
not the best nicolas cage movie. pretty generic action movie. the CGI was pretty bad.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry - 7.5
ben stiller was not so funny in this one, which is disappointed because i always loved his movies.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


mitok maah kalu lambak balah graphic ucape selamat hari raya. buke nyo takdok maso. buke nyo sibok pong.

malah jah. semangat rayo kawe keno bowok ko angin. demo nok kato kawe agah, suko ati la.


Sunday, October 07, 2007

buka puasa 880 yen

dah lama tak post dalam bahasa melayu. belagak gila hahaha. aku nak menulis dalam bahasa melayu hari ni, tapi disebabkan tiada idea, aku nak tulis pasal apa yg aku makan untuk berbuka puasa hari ini.

selalunya untuk berbuka, aku makan bento 298 yen aje, tapi untuk 気分展開、 hari ni aku ngan bebudak mesia pergi berbuka kat marumatsu; a japanese restaurant. restoran ni memang selalu bebudak mesia pegi, sebab kat situ banyak makanan halal, harga berpatutan pastu ada banyak seat. kalo kat nagano, bebudak mesia selalu pegi saizeriya (italian restaurant), kat akita plak bebudak mesia suka pegi marumatsu. bebudak mesia kat nagano belagak duduk itali kot hahaha. duk jepun pegi restoran jepun la wei kekeke.

so berbalik kepada topic asal. hari ni aku makan 海鮮雑炊 (kaisen zousui - seafood medley soup) menu set. reger 880 yen. 880 yen nih kiranya reasonably priced gak la. kalo makan kat luar kena 1000 yen, lebih kurang macam makan kat mesia kena rm5 kot.

menu set nih ada 5 komponen:

1. 海鮮雑炊 (kaisen zousui) - nasi air seafood. kalo dalam bahasa melayu: nasi bubur seafood. memang sedap. ada udang, sotong, telur kuning ngan sup rasa 醤油 (shouyu - kicap jepun) sket. rasa nya gentle lagi lembut, mcam sup tissue. eh. tapi tisu ni sedap ke kalo makan?

2. そば (soba - japanese noodle) - lebih macam mini soba ada la. basic aje soba nih. ada sayur (nama tak tahu), naruto maki, negi ngan tanpura no mono. aaa malas nak translate haha.

3. 茶碗蒸し (chawan mushi - steamed pudding in a cup?) - pudding ke apa aa benda nih? yg penting nya memang sesuai lepas makan soba ngan nasi air tu. dalam steamed pudding ni ada udang, cendawan, buah kuning misteri pastu... daging ayam! ayark dah makan habis baru sedar. alhamdulillah.

4. salad - salad. nak explain mcam mana lagi?

5. 酢のもの - (sunomono - vinegared vegetable) - a common japanese side dish when you're eating in a japanese restaurant. eh cakap omputeh plak.

sedap aje benda nih. nak tulis apa lagi aa? aha. tahun ni tak leh raya. ada keje.

p/s: 880 yen = rm25.6

Friday, October 05, 2007

master chief in chinese sounds goofy

at last.

so at last my order of the Halo 3 Limited Edition has arrived, and i'm drooling all over the package. opened the damn thing, and put it into my sexy 360. boom! i got shot in the head. the fucking game was in chinese !!! shit ! so i contacted to inform them i read nor do i speak any chinese !!! arrr !!! i ordered a bilingual game not this fucking one !!! so they told me they would exchange the product if only the game was not opened. how the fuck would i know the fucking game was in chinese if i don't open the fucking package !!! stupid bastards !!! i'm still waiting for their reply. arrr i've waited for two full fucking weeks for this stupid game, and this is what i got?

anyways... sawajiri erika apologized to her fans. wow. but it was too late. her image is ruined already. so sad.

i want my Halo 3 Asian Version Limited Edition !!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

movie review lagi ! またまた!


Closing Escrow – 7.5

I think the actor’s performance was way better the film’s budget itself. A comedy movie that lies much of its funny moments on strange dialogs, awkward situations and emotionless faces.

Cashback – 8.5

A witty british comedy movie that has its own original style and intelligence; at the same time did well on the serious romantic department as well. This is what I call a movie that was well made. Very entertaining and Highly Recommended.

Slither – 7.5

A pretty generic Hollywood monster movie. Great looking CGIs, disgusting make-up/costumes and an easy to follow story makes it fun to watch.

Knockep Up – 9.5

This is easily one of the best, if not the best, movie that I have watched this year. Definitely a classic hit. The dialogs were well done to the perfection and the acting was just top notch by underdog actors. Absolutely hilarious dialogs. Interesting stories. Superb acting. I can go on and on. Strange sex scenes too! Funny and entertaining. A MUST WATCH !!! Highly Recommended.

Hostel 2 – 6.5

Hostel 1 was a pretty decent horror movie. Decent enough to gain my attention and made me want to watch the sequel, hostel 2. Unfortunately, it was not as good as hostel 1. It was not scary enough. Not gory enough and not entertaining enough. What a disappointment.

North Country8.8

Great performance by great actors. Interesting twists and turns in the story lines. Well, some of it was quite predictable but it’s still so damn good. Charlize Theron really did a good job in portraying an abused but strong women being put into a very hard situation. You felt sadness when you look at her character. Without an amazing acting talent, that feeling would be impossible to compose on the screen. Nice pacing and good ending. The only negative point about the movie is that maybe Charlize Theron was just too beautiful for the role. She is just too pretty…. Hmm hmm hmmm ywahhhaaahahaa

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


日本芸能界にすごい反響を巻き起こした、9月29日に行われた沢尻エリカ演出の映画「Closed Note」の舞台挨拶。以下のビデオをご覧下さい。


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