Monday, October 22, 2007

fuck bush t shirt

with bush the war criminal of our time threatening a fucking world war 3 on the middle east, i have a great urge to find and wear a 'fuck bush' t shirt. unfortunately i live in japan and young people of japan does not give a fuck about the world news; thus the lack of anti american t shirt on their apparel store. although my reasoning is poor, i still want my fuck bush t shirt.

can anybody help? i mean help by buying me an awesome fuck bush t shirt, wrapping it up in a fancy paper, and sending it to me - kind of help? i'll be more than happy to pay for all the expenses, and i'll pay you for the trouble!

fuck bush yeah !!!

ps: i'm not anti-american. in fact, i LOVE americans! they're cool and easy going, not like the aussies, brits and singaporeans. i just think their president is a war criminal, an evil man with too much power in his dirty hands. fuck bush. fuck the us army. i wish someone made a fucking big crater out of the us army. and yeah. fuck the terrorist. and aa... fuck... aaa... cheese?

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