Friday, October 05, 2007

master chief in chinese sounds goofy

at last.

so at last my order of the Halo 3 Limited Edition has arrived, and i'm drooling all over the package. opened the damn thing, and put it into my sexy 360. boom! i got shot in the head. the fucking game was in chinese !!! shit ! so i contacted to inform them i read nor do i speak any chinese !!! arrr !!! i ordered a bilingual game not this fucking one !!! so they told me they would exchange the product if only the game was not opened. how the fuck would i know the fucking game was in chinese if i don't open the fucking package !!! stupid bastards !!! i'm still waiting for their reply. arrr i've waited for two full fucking weeks for this stupid game, and this is what i got?

anyways... sawajiri erika apologized to her fans. wow. but it was too late. her image is ruined already. so sad.

i want my Halo 3 Asian Version Limited Edition !!!


  1. another bad day... sell the dvd to chinese player la.. polish ur marketing skill bro ^_^

  2. what happen to sawajiri erika? cant understand the japanese entry though. ^_^

  3. to umi:
    sawajiri erika, the japanese idol/actress: during the premier of her new movie she had a huge attitude, was extremely impolite and was basically a bitch to the interviewer and everyone else so there was a public backlash and rumors that her company was going to suspend her for 1 year. just look at the video in my japanese post [October 3rd].

    the issue is very BIG in japan and everyone is talking about it. anyway, she had made an official apology, and cried during an interview 4 days after the incident.

  4. yeap i watched the video but couldnt understand it. btw, i went and read it from wikipedia later. heh, too bad with the attitude, she's such a good actress! love watching her in taiyou no uta n 1 litre of tears. huhu, now i lost my respect to her already.

  5. to umi:

    come on, give her another chance! you have never made a mistake in your life before?


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